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We had a chat with Jeff Davis, but we aren't the only ones, our friend Jeremy Lucas had a little chat with Jeff Davis, another man on Movie Pilot had a chat with Jeff Davis and we did talk with the cast.

New opening credits:

Something we might not see often change in a mid season. Might happen this time. Teen Wolf's producer Jeff Davis teased on Movie Pilot that we might see Cody Christian, Victoria Moroles and Ryan Kelley pop up in the opening credits, he didn't say in wich order, but he did say we might see a coyote after Malia and a wolf after Cody Christian's introduction. We also might see The Beast at the end. Cody Christian will be introduced after Shelley Hennig, Ryan Kelley after Holland Roden and Victoria Moroles at last after Dylan Sprayberry. Jeff teased us that there will be a lot of black, but also a lot of white in the opening credits. (Teased Movie Pilot)

New Love:

Stiles and Malia might have something going on in season 5B, but also Lydia and Stiles might have something. But with a possible return of Jackson for season 6 that might not happen. We'll also get a love triangle with Mason, Corey and Brett. Both Corey and Brett are love interests for Mason.


Ryan Kelley (29) teased us with a major spoil that he's in 3 fight scenes. 2 might not be big, but they're crazy. 1 is a real fight. Also Cody Christian might be "Very Dangerous" because he will transform in a Were-Coyote and a full coyote, it will make him a "Talented Chimera". Talking about Kira, she and her mother will have a crazy episode with a lot of fights. Malia and Braeden will fight the desert wolf.

New Villains:

We have the Dread Doctors, the Desert Wolf, (Theo). But now we got The Beast and more villains that are coming to Beacon Hills.

The Past:

We'll get to know something of the past, something about Parrish and his Hellhound. And something of Theo and his sister's dead. That's not all.

Season 6 & 7:

We might get Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Isaac (Daniel Sharman) back. Jeff needs them for a 2 season deal. there's something with Scott and Argent what leads Isaac back into Beacon Hills. Jackson will come back because of something that has to do with his parents. He could easily do it with Derek, Peter, Brett, etc, but he would love the idea of Isaac and Jackson because that's how he got into this idea.


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