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*WARNING: This post will contain spoilers, not about the upcoming movie so much, but about the comic. So read with caution.

Ever since I first had heard of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, I was beyond excited but I always knew there was going to be limitations because of all the characters that the comic introduced. I knew that very clearly but my heart didn't break until just recently when reading about the direction the movie is going and how different it will be from the comic's story-line.

My Disappointment

I realized how it would be very unlikely for there to be the first battle where Thor's clone is introduced and kills Goliath; and definitely no big finale battle either, which is a monumental moment.

I don't really know why it disappointed me so much because from the very beginning I guess I already knew it was going to be quite different and lacking a lot of very important aspects that the comic story-line had (Including my favorite part when Daredevil and Tony have a little talk). It seems like it is truly Captain America 3 more then it is Civil War; having more of a fugitive and politic aspect to it much like [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973), it is truly the continuation of Steve trying to save Bucky. Which is perfectly fine, but it kind of makes me wish they never would have tried to include the "Civil War" aspect. Even though it will not be exactly like the Civil War story-line, with the direction it seems to be going, I still see little aspects that gives it the right to be called Civil War.

My Excited Outlook

As far is it goes for Cap and Tony, based on the ending of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) and Ant-Man's post-credit scene, Captain has the new team assembled and he's taking charge over them, along with Black Widow by his side. As well he and Wilson (Falcon) have found Bucky -who is really facing trouble and an identity crisis- and they are steadily trying to help him, under the radar.

Tony is taking a slight break in a since, sticking to his regular activities, as well as we already know he's involved in this new act, that's much like The Registration Act, but with a different name. He's still internally battling his demons and disappointments from his decisions in battle and with Ultron. Just from those things given, I think that with Tony feeling regret and trying to make things better with this Act- which puts him in a position with government he was always against- and with the knowledge of Bucky or should I say, Winter Solider, having been the cause of his parents death, he will be all the more willing and motivated to capture Bucky, himself, or help the ones after him. But on the other hand Steve is trying to save him and protect him. As that rings so clear in the trailer nearing the end where Cap's comment to Tony is,

-"Sorry, Tony, you know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice, but he's my friend." -Tony responds with "So was I."

On top of all that, Steve is absolutely not in a happy place with the government right now as well after the events of Captain America 2. These things will be the cause of friction and "war" between Steve and Tony, and division among the team


Even though I have my disappointments and curiosities, I am truly excited about this film. If we thought that Captain America: Winter Solider brought the emotion, we should just wait for this movie, it's going to bring all the emotion and intensity of the second Captain America film and more since it furthers the story. We, the fans will not be disappointed.

You can watch the trailer below.


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