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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

The Walking Dead likes to have with their openings sometimes and this one with the ant metaphor was fantastic as we saw the walkers swarming in to Alexandria. They just trailed in until they crawled over the abandoned food. They covered it completely until it wasn’t visible, just as the walkers surrounded the residents. It was a fitting parallel, but also ominous as we saw that was happening.

With the walkers flooding no one had time to plan out what was going to be done next. They simply had time to run. It seemed that most people were successful at getting to safety, but left them all separated and trying to deal with the immediate threat in front of them.

Possibly the household with the most interesting things going on was Jessie’s house. For one, we had Deanna coming to terms with the fact that she was a bit. She kept her spirits up and discussed what she had wanted to achieve. Deanna had been spiraling recently. She was starting to make a turnaround and in true The Walking Dead fashion it was cut short. The hope she had was absolutely necessary when it came to inspiring Rick. He needed it to see that there were more people he needed to care about. While I doubt Rick is going to suddenly start thinking of everyone else as one of the group, but it may have been enough for some of them.

The other big thing in the household was the confrontation between Carl and Ron. Ron’s attempt to kill Carl went sideways, but that wouldn’t deter him. No, he just waited until his outburst would bring the death upon the people he cared like he feared. Honestly, it was a foolish move and I’m still struggling to understand why he did it. The situation was bad and Ron made it worse. It was a good thing he was in a house with Rick and Michonne as they were able to come up with a plan.

We all knew that Morgan’s attempt to play the good guy would end badly. He’s trying to spare life, but the reality is he is doing so indiscriminately. He isn’t sparing someone who is swearing they will good and change. Morgan was trying to help someone who wanted nothing to do with what he was offering. What Morgan was going was putting everyone in danger and I was glad that Carol was trying to put a stop to this bit of his madness. It was also a bit of a relief that everything blew up in Morgan’s face because we all knew that this was a bad idea.

Glenn was completely determined to get into Alexandria and help people. He had to be the cheerleader while Enid was ready to check out. It certainly added to the tension between the characters. They already seem to have a lot of problems on the outside, forcing them to deal with the petty personal issues is really the last thing they need.

Somehow despite this episode being set up to be extremely action packed, matching the pace of the first half of the season, it was actually slow. That isn’t to say there wasn’t action, there just wasn’t action that was used to build characters. The other problem was that it settled in too much with the quiet character moments that didn’t actually give us anything new about the characters. While I did wish that the tension was raised a bit to match the intensity of the stakes, I enjoyed the way things built up. If only we actually got a sense of an ending. Literally everything was left in a complete cliffhanger state.



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