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The answer came very fast in this issue as we see what can go wrong with a Robin who tries to do the right thing and messes up. Especially when that Robin is breaking one of the vital rules about weapons. Now as someone who reads We Are Robin this would have been a nice story to do for that series, though it can be overlooked for now as the plot point of this event since the book is tying in to it. The scene after was interesting because Robin War is taking a page out of We Are Robin’s book with the news reports following these events. It shows how the city reacts to them because reactions were already bad enough and this just pushed the situation over the edge. The action Gotham takes against Robins is extreme, but the response one would expect when all Robins were already told off multiple times before about their vigilante work. A movement can only be handled one way, and in this age it’s not too hard to track those involved with one on this scale. This is pretty much the kind of action that could have occurred if they had not accepted Batman long ago.

How Duke and Riko react to this was important because they are the main Robins so to speak and as of the previous issue try a bit harder to stay under the radar which is not as easy as it looks. It is Duke’s run in with the law where you see how the Robin Law can be taken too far. Shows how serious the city is taking the Robin situation, but also showing where those laws can go wrong in interpretation and violation of privacy. That aside is what happens when this leads to them calling all Robins under one roof, which attracts the attention of the much-anticipated return of Damian Wayne. Damian stays true to who he is and how he likes to handle situations when thinking with his emotions. This turns into a tense confrontation of what a real Robin looks like. And apparently the real Robin looks like a boy who beats the crap out of everyone who pisses him off.

Seeing how this all ties to the Court of Owls makes sense of everything going wrong for the Robins. They are the ones who really want the war, and while it is not entirely clear why, you just know that they are the ones pulling the strings in Gotham behind the curtains. We also know how far they would go to make sure the war happens. Sadly getting the full picture means reading every book tied into this after, though at least being a Robin event there aren’t that many other books to have to follow.

There were many hands involved in this issue between artist and color artist. Too many to talk about individually, though as a whole they really captured what it means to be a Robin in the DC Universe right now. In a world where the Robin Laws are in effect, one where you find your identity at stake when others have risen to claim it, and one where being a hero in general has been deemed bad for your health. They captured this from the very start with the an act of heroism that went wrong. What’s been great about this story is that for young heroes they do not hold back in showing what its like to wear a cape and the worst that can happen when trying to do the right thing. The brutality the cops showed them, the invasion of their privacy, to the disregard the Owls show for them. There was so much of the Robin colors seen throughout and it was exciting to see how common it has become. Not to mention how unique it is for all these Robins to incorporate them into their costumes. Especially for those who weren’t supplied the tools from Alfred.

Robin War #1 certainly is all out war. We know what starts the war, who is involved, and how far this will possibly go. For a two-part event this definitely has the potential to be something memorable in a Gotham that has gone through so much change.

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