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My mother said I could be anything when I grew up, so I became everything!! Instagram: kat_lx
Katrina Leanne Foley

My name is Katrina Leanne Foley and I'm a 15-year-old makeup and visual artist from the Rhondda Valleys, Wales.

This is the clown look I created using normal clown features for inspiration, it was created using a lot of liquid latex and cotton pads. I had so much fun creating this look and will work on it in time :)

I did this look for a friend for Halloween, it took me around 30 minutes to create as well as waiting for the alliances to dry completely! This is supposed to be Jeff the Killer from the creepypasta.

This was a look I recreated from Chrisspy, she calls it her "gangster clown" look. I made mine into a horror photo because I love the spooky, the creepy and everything in between!!

I took this picture from my Alice In Wonderland series. This Cheshire Cat makeup was super fun to do, and super fun to wear while getting ice cream ;)

This was one of the very first "wound, cut" looks I created, and I was soo happy and proud with the way it turned out. It took be approximately 20-30 minutes.

The last picture of my work I will be showing is one of my more recent ones, it's my take on the 'smiling titan' from Attack On Titan. As the movie is coming out real soon, I wanted to make a start on my series of the characters! Smiling Titan isn't the official name for this character, but I think it's well suited so that's what I'm going to call it for now! :)

If you like what you see here then please take your time to subscribe to my YouTube channel which will be running next year.

I also have an Instagram account where I post all of my looks. If that's not enough follow me on Snapchat to see what I get up to :)

I will also be entering the NYX Face Awards in either 2016 or 17, so keep an eye out for that!

Thank you! Kat:D


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