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The comic edition of The Women of Rick Grimes is might want to read that one first!


Rick's late wife, she wasn't like half as much in the show as she was in the comic, and her death wasn't quite as crazy. But having her son put her down? Man...


It's only been one kiss since Rick claimed Jessie...

And it looks like she's about to (maybe) meet a similar fate as in the comics, so Slick Rick may need to hurry up and bust a grimes on her, and quick!

That concludes The Women of Rick Grimes, TV Series Edition.

Just two? Seriously? No wonder he tends to look like this:

And this:

And of course this:

And this and this:

And one more:

Sorry, Rick, too soon
Sorry, Rick, too soon

He needs some lovin'!

Wait...does Babe the Prison Pig count?


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