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You might remember Everybody Loves Raymond star Madylin Sweeten, as she played daughter Ally Barone.

Sweeten as Ally on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
Sweeten as Ally on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

Most recently, Sweeten was attached to a new Internet soap called Youthful Daze, but it seems that Sweeten wasn't too keen on the project to start with.

Sweeten was approached by Bryan James, the creator and star of the soap, to appear in the new Season – and was also asked to invest some cash into the project as well.

Begrudgingly, Sweeten agreed to hand over $28,020 as long as she was given a say in all decisions relating to the show.

Sweeten claims James agreed, but he went ahead with filming and casting decisions without consulting Sweeten. Sweeten also states that James later admitted that he never intended to have her as part of the production in any way.

Sweeten is suing James as she intends to get her investment back, plus damages.

Judging from this horrible trailer, it really does appear as if Sweeten's money has gone to waste.

[Source: TMZ]


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