ByJosie, writer at

I have a very strong opinion about having LGBT leads and characters in any movie. As a young member of the LGBT community, I would find great comfort in seeing non-straight characters in my favourite franchises, especially having movies based around these characters.

The world has definitely come a long way on the LGBT rights front, but we have a long way to go. I've heard statements such as 'gay characters should not be in kid's TV shows and movies because we should not confront them with controversial topics their young minds don't understand' and 'LGBT propaganda should be banned because I don't want my kid to be influenced by that.' Personally, I don't think that any kid has ever seen a gay couple kiss and immediately turned gay. As for the statement about LGBT couples in kids shows, I think that we should make it so it isn't a controversial topic and raise children to appreciate and understand that different sexualities are a fact of life and nothing to be feared. In addition, LGBT couples in kids shows will help kids struggling with their sexuality, and make them feel comfortable and accepted.

I hope that one day the entire world will accept the LGBT community, but at the minute it appears to be wishful thinking. But every little counts, and LGBT leads in movies is a good place to start.


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