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The Dawn of Justice is upon us. As we come to the end of the year, we get closer to the release of Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice. In preparation for the blockbuster, the time has come for the film to begin its advertisement campaign, and the momentum for Batman v.Superman will definitely pick up later today. It has been announced that a new trailer for the film will be premiering later this evening during Jimmy Kimmel Live. Though this new trailer will likely have viewers talking, we already have had a taste of Dawn of Justice this week.

On Monday, the DC television series, Gotham hosted, a special look for Batman v.Superman; which in this case was a clip for the movie. The scene features an imprisoned Batman being unmasked by a determined looking Superman. The scene certainly set the tone of what we can expect from the upcoming trailer; not to mention the movie itself. However what can be said about this new clip? While it is gripping scene, there are signs that suggest that the sequence may not be “real”. Is that possible or did the studio reveal a major moment for the film? It is hard to say but perhaps this look into the clip may give us a better idea of what is going on in this scene.

After this clip premiered, it was brought to my attention that this whole sequence may in fact be a dream; likely for Batman. There is some evidence to back up this claim as an action figure of the Dark Knight is entitled “Knightmare Batman”; and it encompasses the character in this following scene. While this point does help the theory, I still have hard time believing that this scene is just a mere dream; or better yet nightmare. If this is Batman's dream then why would he imagine himself in this scenario? Why not have this moment take place in Gotham? I realize that dreams can be sporadic, but movie do have a tendency to simplify a dream for the sake of the story's narrative. Though calling this scene a dream could be considered far fetched, the moment being in Bruce's head does make sense. The details of the situation, like the Superman soldiers as well as the perspective being Batman's, does give the scene a feel that it could be a dream. So writing this scene off as just a dream could be seen as anticlimactic, but it is not without reason.

While the concept of the scene being a dream is likely, there is the possibility that the sequence is in fact real. Having Batman unmasked in this matter would definitely be bold move on the film's part, but it could help to create tension for the movie. Some may think that this scene being real could be a problem as many are present to see Batman getting unmasked. However this may not be that big of a deal. It is possible that the soldiers in the room will not go babbling that “Bruce Wayne is Batman” due to the nature of their employment. Another thing to consider is that Superman unmasking Batman may be a later point in this scene, and the moment was edited into the clip for the sake of dramatic effect. For all we know this moment actually take place at a point where Superman and Batman are alone. These points will only matter if the scene does in fact to place in the film's reality; and if it does: then it can still prove to be useful for the movie.

There is another factor to consider in this clip: what if this moment is both real as well a dream. It is possible that Batman has traveled to part of the world to locate Superman; only to be captured by the soldiers. However the Caped Crusader merely imagine himself being unmasked by the Man of Steel. Perhaps Batman imagine this moment in order to evaluate his situation, or it could just be that he is dreaming this confrontation with Superman as he hangs unconscious. This scenario may unlikely as it is too complex, but I think it should be considered as it does encompasses the best of both worlds.

So which is it: real or fiction? As of right now this scene could go either way. There is plenty of variables to suggest a dream, but it is also likely that the scene could be based in the film's reality. The only way to solve this riddle is by watching the film when it hits theaters next spring. Yet whether this moment is a dream or not, I think this clip still managed to its job by getting viewers pumped for Batman v.Superman; and its content hitting the web this week.

Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.


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