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I love DC, I'm fan of Harley Quinn and I mostly cosplay her! I love to read her comics. I love going to cons and cosplaying.
Stephanie Mcewen

By now everyone has seen Jessica Jones on Netflix and a lot of us love it!

Everyone who has watched the whole season, now wants a second season which would be awesome and we'd probably get a crossover with daredevil which would be great to see them fight together side by side. And hopefully Iron fist would join.

It would be awesome seening These guys team up together and kicking ass!

Hopefully if they keep the series going we'd possible be seeing Jessica and Luke get married, hopefully see baby Danielle Cage which is their daughter.

Everyone is wanting a second and more since the first one was so good. So many jokes, acting was great and the end of the series nwas great.

I got say Killgrave was a great villain and I love attitude towards everything but I do love the purple he's wearing, David role from the Doctor to Killgrave was a big change.

Hopefully we'll get to see Jessica comic strips come to life and see her with many other marvel characters such as miss marvel, Thor etc.

What did you think of Jessica Jones?


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