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Okay, ''demolish'' is definitely an exaggeration. However, I'm still 100% sure Spider-Man would beat the Hulk in an actual fight. Now this might seem like a stretch to some of you comic book fans out there. However, I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me by the time you finish reading.

And here's why

4. Spider-Man Is Faster Than The Hulk

Don't get me wrong, the Hulk is super fast. Compared to the speed of Spidey though, he's far behind. The web slinger can go at speeds of 200mph on foot alone. Using his webs however, he can go even faster. He's also been shown to dodge bullets at point blank range!

3. Spider-Man Is Smarter Than The HULK

Spider-Man is one of the smartest Marvel characters out there. In his comics he always thinks his way to victory over his foes instead of just overpowering them. That's not to say Bruce Banner isn't a genius either though. In fact, Banner might be smarter than Spider-Man in his normal state. As the Hulk however, the traditional Hulk... his smarts don't really carry over.

2. The Hulk Won't Get Many Hits In On Spider-Man

Spider-Man's reflexes are incredible. Like I said before, he can dodge punches, kicks, and even bullets at point blank range. Adding on to his stellar reflexes are those amazing spider senses he has. Combining the two means the Hulk won't get many blows in on Spidey.

1. Spider-Man Already Beat The Hulk

Yes people, it happened. The incredible Hulk and Spider-Man have tangled many times in the past. And yes, the Hulk may have merged victorious at one time or another, but so has Spidey. Proving it IS possible for Spider-Man to kick the incredible Hulk's green heinie.

Still don't agree? Well I don't have any more evidence to back up this claim, but the I think it's pretty clear. Spider-Man's speed may be too much to handle, and combining that with his reflexes and spider senses makes it even harder for the Hulk to even catch him. It's also a matter of brains over brawn. It's been proven Spidey can think of ways to beat his foes in just about every situation. Closing it off, Spider-Man has already beaten the Hulk quite a few times already. So now you know this article isn't completely false.


Who do you think would win, the Hulk or Spider-Man?


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