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Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise will return for another exciting adventure when Star Trek Beyond arrives in a theater near you at warp-speed. The upcoming sequel will be helmed by Justin lin who will be taking the reigns on directorial duties this time around. The arrival of a a third film has so far been dwarfed by all of the attention Star Wars is getting, but once a trailer hits the web, people will turn around and remember that Star Wars isn't the only sci-fi franchise still in the game.

There is currently no plot synopsis for this film, but its been rumored and discussed that this film would follow the crew of the Enterprise as they embark on a year-long mission of exploration. That really isn't alot to go on but you might start putting pieces together if you start googling fan theories about what specific plot of the film could be, or you can wait for a member involved in the production to drop the official synopsis.

Simon Pegg has mentioned that the new film will go back to the roots of Star Trek and will be exploring many of the themes that made the sci-fi franchise what it is. Pegg is so confident that the film will be different from both of the previous two entry's that he went on to talk about how great Idris Elba will be as the film's chief antagonist. As far as were concerned, details on Elba's character have been kept under wraps, but more could be revealed as the movie edges closer to its release-date. Overall, fans will surely be in for a treat once this film hit theaters.


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