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Ever wondered what would happen if Superheroes actually existed?

4. Secret Identities

One of the biggest challenges heroes have in the comics and in the movies, is hiding his/her real identity. Having a normal social life while saving lives and fighting crime can be a real hassle and quite depressing. So imagine if this happened in reality? People in reality and comics are very different (obviously) so it wouldn't be as easy to fool someone in real life as it would be in a comic book or like they make it seem on film.

3. Being Accepted

Like most Superheroes, they aren't all accepted by the public at first. Some see them as vigilantes while others see them as saviors. Since we already know what superheroes are like, if one actually popped up one day and started to do good by the people, we can assume a majority of the world would see him/her as a hero while only a small percentage would see them as a threat.

2. Collateral Damage

Next we have collateral damage. If we got a superhero that could fly and shoot beams of energy, or someone with strength like the Hulk, we can easily predict there would be some collateral damage, and since us regular humans cause billions of dollars in damage all the time, having a superhero cause even more would be a lot for the world to handle.

1. Can we trust them?

And finally, can we trust them? If a Superhero came along one day with extraordinary power, how could we be sure they wouldn't turn against humanity? Would we be able to stop or even reason with them? What could humanity have to offer to someone with the power to do whatever they wanted? Scary right?

What do you think?

What would you do if Superheroes actually existed?
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