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Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is less than four months away and I cannot wait any longer! A trailer is suppose to be dropping tonight on the Jimmy Kimmel show, as a follow up from that interesting sneak peek that was release on Monday. I noticed that we only got one trailer of Captain America: Civil War and nothing from X-men: Apocalypse, which are the two biggest competitors against BvS , but that Comic Con trailer and sneak peek of BvS are just better than anything I've heard or seen from these other superheroes movies. 2016 will be the year of better things in a whole though! Note: There will be spoilers and this is an opinionated post.


This is one of the biggest reasons why, because unlike all the other superhero movies BvS is offering almost a entire new cast besides Henry Cavill. The world has seen the cast of X-men and Avengers many times, but has the world seen Ben Affleck's Batman, or Gal Gadots Wonder Woman? No, in which makes it such a delight. I love Batman from the comics, which is why it hurt to see Nolan's realistic Batman that didn't have a legit utility belt and fought like a old man in his last movie. Batfleck is finally happening and I’m going to go Batshit crazy when he steals the show. Superman might be really good in this movie too as they are showing us fans another new side of the character, which is an evil side even if it's in a dream sequence.


The ultimate thing that I have been thankful for with some of these 2016 movies is that they want to really secure you from some major spoilers. Some of the movies that are using this method are Deadpool, Civil War, and Batman V. Superman. Most movies in 2016 still have a lot of time to go before they debut, but they have been secretive about their main villains and story, which is amazing for us the audience. Mystery is something that we barely get now in blockbusters, because of rumors and etc… The villain of BvS is still unknown and the real end goal is sorta unclear, besides the uniting of the seven.

The Other

There are many things to look for in comic book movies, such as easter eggs and characters. Wonder Woman is a big surprise and a ticket grabber to me, because not only is she the best heroine ever, but this will lead up to her standalone movie. Easter eggs that I think will lead people to theaters more than other competitors are big ones like the Justice League, and minor ones like seeing the wonder spin, batmobile, and kryptonite. A major other thing that makes this movie so super is the future of this universe that may include the Watchtower, Krypto, Dick Grayson, and etc…

Out of all the pros that these superhero movies have, I think that freshness, mystery, and a better future will win the war of the box office. I love the Justice League characters as a whole from Dc, but I am more of a Marvel fan in case someone wants to call me a fanboy.


Which one are you most excited for?


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