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If you wish to avoid possible spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens then...

With The Force Awakens being less than two weeks away from release, it is only natural that the internet wraps up an insane year of superhero fan theories with some pretty incredible Star Wars theories. With some ranging from Kylo Ren is Han Solo's son (Which seems to be a real fan favourite) to Jar Jar Binks becoming the Emperor (Ohh god help us all), I thought I would bring up a theory that has been circulating for many years but never actually given the proper attention. I am of course referring to the possible return of none other than Darth Plagueis the Wise.

Who is Darth Plagueis?

Let me take you back to the last instalment of the Star Wars franchise, Revenge of The Sith. Anakin meets with Palpatine who informs him of the story of Darth Pagueis the Wise, a Sith Lord so powerful that he could use the force to manipulate the midi-chlorians to create life; according to Palpatine the tragic irony was that he could save other but not himself. While not revealing himself in the movie, it is common knowledge that Sideous was his apprentice.

While he was never mentioned until the Revenge of the Sith, and never actually appearing on-screen, Darth Plagueis has left and ever lasting impact on the Star Wars mythos.

He orchestrated Palpatine's rise to power and the Clone Wars.

As Majister Hego Damask, Plagueis' alias, he was able to influence many people, most notably Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. With Sifo-Dyas, he was able to manipulate and convince him to venture out to Kamino and create a clone army for the Republic, thus setting the seeds for the Clone Wars.

Manipulating Sideous at such a young age, the two created a plan to take over the galaxy. At the centre of this plan? Palpatine's political influence. Together, they inadvertently started the invasion of Naboo, which caused Palpatine to be elected Supreme Chancellor, by killing the King of Naboo, Ars Veruna.

While attempting to manipulate midi-chlorians, both Sideous and Plagueis inadvertently created their own undoing.

He created Anakin Skywalker

Ever wonder how Anakin was created by midi-chlorians, and that he was never conceived and just appeared? Darth Plagueis created him. An act in direct violation of the nature of the Force, Plageuis and Sidious attempted to will a being of their own design into creation. Their experiments failed and Plagueis believed that the Force was opposed to the Sith's efforts. Little did they know that the midi-chlorians, unwilling to will a being into creation, had stuck back and created Anakin Skywalker, a saviour born to destroy the Sith. The prophesied Chosen One that Plagueis had considered creating himself.

When he became aware of Anakin's existence, he started to believe the Sith were in danger and made sure he did not fall into the hands of the Jedi, instructing Palpatine to get close to the boy. Thus starting the relationship the created Darth Vader.

His "Death"

After being elected Supreme Chancelor, Sideous decided his master's usefulness had ended. Having used his influence to gain power, he felt it was time to complete their plan himself. After a night of celebrating, the two Sith Lords retired to Plagueis' penthouse and celebrated even more. After falling asleep, Sideous tortured his master with Sith Lightning, basking in his agony. After killing his master, he felt a monumental disturbance in the force which he believed was the force anointing him the sole possessor of the Dark Side.

This is where the theory of Plagueis begins.

Possible Survival

We have seen characters die and return as Force Ghosts in the original trilogy, so with a characters as powerful as Plagueis, it is possible he managed to save his soul. After all, Palpatine felt an unnatural disturbance in the force once his master passed. Now I am not saying the Plagueis will become a Force Ghost and become Obi Wan to Kylo Ren, what I am saying is that Plagueis could have manipulated the force to not only save his soul, but recreate himself.

How will he factor into The Force Awakens?

While he could have came to his apprentice and extracted revenge, I imagine he would want to see things play out, after all he knew Anakin was a danger. He sat back and watched Anakin turn against his apprentice to restore "balance" to the force. This was when he decided to return as Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order.

Hint of his return?

There have been three major hints of his return. Andy Serkis has revealed that his role as Snoke in The Force Awakens involves a lot of motion capture. He has also revealed that he had no idea what he looked like, and that his first day of shooting involved standing on a 25ft high podium. This is interesting as Plagueis is a Muun. Muuns were tall and gaunt humanoids with thin bodies and elongated heads. They also had grey skin, tiny ears on the middle of the sides of their heads, flat noses, and slim mouths. Muun voices often sound nasally, due to their small noses. To bring Plagueis to screen, he would require a lot of CGI and motion capture.

While a lot of you will discredit this on the fact that Muun have nasal sounding voices, and Serkis voiced the deep and insidious dialogue for the first teaser, I want to bring up another interesting point. He had a respirator that helped him breathe, making his voice much deeper than that of a normal Muun.

Another hint of his return was this concept art that was leaked.

In this picture we can clearly see Darth Plagueis with his respirator standing next to a man who resembles Adam Driver, ready to take on a woman who looks a lot like Rey, whom is also connected to his possible return.

Does Rey have Darth Plagueis' lightsabre?

In the official poster for The Force Awakens, Rey's staff is covered by Kylo Ren's lighsabre. This has been speculated to be on purpose, due to Rey's staff being the key to a very powerful weapon. It has been rumoured to behold an ancient lightsabre, possibly Plagueis' lightsabre staff. Could the staff be the reason why Kylo Ren is hunting Rey and Fin?

Will he show up?

My guess? Most likely. Think about it, we have not heard anything about Serkis' character. The only thing we have heard is that he is possibly tall and requires motion capture. The only dialogue we have from him is

“There’s been an awakening…have you felt it? The Dark Side…and the Light”

What a perfect line for someone who is obsessed with the rebirth and death of the Force. The secrecy of Snoke's appearance and Rey's weapon, combined with Kylo Ren's motives create an air of mystery that surrounds Serkis' character. Sure he may be dead but remember...


Do you think Plageuis has returned?

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