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I'm probably not the only one who was really confused when DC unveiled their plans for [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021). A rag-tag team of superheros and villains led by Rip Hunter, yet the comic fan inside me was wondering where or when this ever happened in the comics, or where the inspiration came from. Hunter and his team must take on Vandar Adg, or Vandal Savage as he is better known, and become the "legends" that they were meant to be.

I have to say that for a long time I was really skeptical of the plot and the TV series in general but after a little but of digging, I couldn't be more excited. See, I believe that the inspiration for this team of superheroes comes from a team created in the comics with the same mission - to stop Vandal Savage at all costs. Their name, you ask? They are... THE FORGOTTEN HEROES.

As quoted by, " The Forgotten Heroes consisted of: Animal Man, who could assume the powers of any living beast; Cave Carson, international geologist; Congo Bill, famous explorer; Dane Dorrance, leader of the Sea Devils; Dolphin, mysterious underwater beauty; Rick Flag, leader of the Suicide Squad; and Rip Hunter, legendary time master. All these heroes met when they stumbled across identical ancient golden pyramids at various points around the Earth. When they each tried to report their findings they were censored by the US government. With all their careers tarnished, they were all contacted by the mysterious Immortal Man, who explained that the pyramids were created as part of a plan by the immortal Vandal Savage to destroy Earth's protector Superman. Immortal Man lead the team and, with the help of Superman, managed to destroy the pyramids and save the world. The team later reformed to battle the Forgotten Villains." It's interesting that DC chose an opposite meaning for the names too. Legends of Tomorrow, Forgotten Heroes, etc.

All the signs are there, right down to Rip Hunter's inclusion in this team as well. While the heroes may not be the same, (including the obvious lack of Savage's opposite Immortal Man) I think it's safe to say DC has a golden opportunity on their hands to cement their niche in the Multiverse.

Who knows? We might even meet some of these characters as the story goes on. :)


For anyone who watched the 2nd part of The Flash-Arrow crossover, I think the meteorites could be linked to Savage's backstory and Immortal Man's as well! It's either that or they were just paying a subtle homage to it. Stay tuned for more!


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