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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Wow! So the trailer that we have all been waiting for is finally here! A week removed from the Captain America: Civil War trailer, Jimmy Kimmel debuted the never before seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer in grand fashion!

The trailer definitely took a more light hearted approached and was not as dark as what we have seen previously. There is a ton of new content to get too, so here is the biggest takeaways from the trailer!

The tension begins to build!

So the trailer begins with Bruce Wayne pulling up to what looks like a soiree for the rich and famous, to which Clark has also managed to score an invitation. Clark questions Bruce for his thoughts on the 'Bat Vigilante' on behalf of the Daily Planet. Bruce, being Batman, obviously doesn't agree with Clark's harsh stance against the Batman and the tension naturally begins to build. This is the start of an epic battle!

Bruce has a bad history with freaks dressed as CLOWNS!

Queue the Joker reference! Bruce tells Clark that he has a bad history with freaks that are dressed as clowns! This essentially confirms what we already knew, Batman has already faced The Joker. This could possibly confirmed the Death in The Family story arc. Very interesting and really....really....awesome!

Don't pick a fight with Superman!

In a surprising turn of events, Lex Luthor pops up during the tense conversation between the two heroes. Jesse Eisenberg struck me as very quirky and charismatic which would be a new and interesting twist to the character. He also threw out a little reference to the fight that will ultimately ensue between the two. By commenting on Clark's strong grip, I think this signifies that Lex is aware of the secret identities that the two have. The way he approached the situation seemed very odd.

So there is more than one "Oldest lies in America"?

One of the most memorable scenes from the Comic Con trailer was when Lex Luthor tells Senator Finch that the oldest lie in America is that "Devils don't come from hell beneath us". Well, apparently that wasn't the only "oldest lie in America". Now it is "power is an essence", which is what Lex again tells to Senator Finch. It is unclear if the Comic Con trailer was just a mash up of two different scenes, but it's pretty confusing.

The Suit looks AMAZING!

One of the most exciting things for me is this amazing shot of Ben Affleck in his armored suit that he built especially to take on Superman. The suit that I'm calling the 'Supebuster' is one of my favorite elements that I have seen so far from the film. In the trailer, Alfred tells Bruce that he is going to war and he simply cannot win. He may be right, but he will surely put up a fight with this awesome suit!

The Batwing!

We have already gotten a pretty awesome look at the Batwing in action, but this shot over the water was absolutely stunning. Easily one of my favorite superhero vehicles, I can not wait to see the Batwing finally in action!

The son of Krypton vs The Bat of Gotham!

Has Superman ever looked any better? I quite literally got chills as Superman, Heat Vision at the ready, turns to the camera after being bombarded with Batwing shots. He looks truly badass and I'm not sure how Batman could take him on! Well, other than Kryptonite of course!

Is that a Batman Army Vs a Superman Army?

Ok so we have all wondered about this scene for quite some time and this should basically confirm that it's all some sort of nightmarish dream. We have seen the soldiers with the Superman patches on their uniforms, but now we see not only Batman taking on these soldiers, but an entire army of his own. Are these Parademons? Those definitely do look like them but why would they be in a Batman dream scene? Could he have had a run-in with Darkseid already? While we still know very little, we can see they're fully equipped with wings, and these hundreds of soldiers can be seen swooping down into combat.

Stay down Batman!

From what we saw in this trailer, it looks like Superman was really giving it to Batman. Superman told him to stay down because if he wanted him dead, he would have been already. Superman definitely has no intentions of killing the Bat and that could be the spark that sets off a longtime friendship between the two heroes!

If man won't kill God, Lex will!

It is obvious to anyone who knows anything about Superman that Lex Luthor definitely has it out for him. He constantly refers to Superman as a God-like entity and wants him eradicated. He states that if Man won't kill him, then the devil will. So he definitely has a plan, as he is saying this Lex is receiving Zod's recovered dead body to use for some sort of experiment. Wait does that mean....


Oh my goodness! It was at this moment that I proceeded to run around screaming! That graphics editor for the film really had us fooled when he said that there was no Doomsday in the film, huh? This is extremely exciting news for all comic fans. Doomsday is one of the most powerful villains in the history of DC and this could set up big things in the future!

Wonder Woman to the rescue!

As Batman is about to be completely eradicated by Doomsday's heat vision, Wonder Woman swoops in and protects him with her shield! Both of our heroes are extremely confused as neither know who she is. Superman assumes she was with Batman and vice versa. DC is definitely not shying away from a bit of humor and I think that could work out great, oh and Wonder Woman of course looks outstanding!

Batman will be toting a gun?

I know that Batman has used firearms before in certain graphic novels, but it is not something we are accustomed to seeing. In the first teaser, we saw Batman with what looked to be a sniper rifle and now we see him with some sort of rifle. Could it possibly be his grappling hook gun? I think that is unlikely since our three heroes look to be engaged in some sort of combat. This could be very interesting but may anger some fans in the long run.

The trailer was AMAZING!

The trailer definitely hit me by surprise. I was expecting something extremely dark and gritty but instead I got a perfect balance of darkness and light hearted comedy. Jesse Eisenberg completely stole the show and his presence on screen is tremendous. I definitely didn't expect to see Doomsday, which will undoubtably change the future of the DCEU forever. All in all I loved everything about the trailer, it was certainly Super! Or Bat-tastic if you will! This is definitely the "Dawn" of something special!


Did you like the new Batman V Superman trailer?


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