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If any of you haven't seen the new trailer yet, I've posted it above.

Now, I would just like to say two things before I dive into this post...

1.) I am a huge fan of Batman. Therefore I am a fan of DC and this movie.

2.) This has been my first post in a while.

3.) It's late at night and shouldn't be up.

Now... as most of you know, Jimmy Kimmel has been pretty busy keeping nerds like us happy the past couple weeks. We've been given some Star Wars marketing, a Captain America: Civil War trailer, and a brand new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer! I guess you can say that things have been pretty good lately!

I was expecting a lot from this new trailer. When I saw the teaser on Gotham Monday, I admit, I was a bit underwhelmed. So I thought to myself, "I guess this just means they're going to give us a huge trailer on Wednesday! Right?" Well... I guess I'll just jump right to it... I didn't like this trailer... I actually kind of cringed... I felt the trailer didn't do the movie "justice"...

It felt... sloppy... poorly executed... and just nothing like what we've seen so far. Not only did I feel unpleased with the structure, I felt unhappy with the content...

Down - Batman's Voice

Yes... I am one of those people who is not a fan of the voice modulator...

When I saw the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, I hoped the robotic sounding voice did not belong to our pointy eared friend. It turns out that I was giving myself false hope.

For someone who looks so much like our Caped Crusader, he sounds nothing like him!

*Let's just make something clear, I am not blaming Ben Affleck for this.*

Batman is supposed to sound mean. He's supposed to strike the fear of God into you. I know Arrow made the move of giving Oliver Queen a voice modulator to use during his crazy nights fighting the underbelly of Star City, but they made it work. This just doesn't work for me. After all these years listening to Christian Bale's marble gargling, smoker mouth, I never thought I actually would have wished for it back. I can barely understand our new Dark Knight. Therefore, I cannot take him seriously.

Up - Time to Pull a Bane?

This might have been a good move from the studio. I think they may be a little on edge with Batman's new modulator. You don't have to be listening closely to hear the difference between Batman in the first trailer... (Which I have posted for you here [@ the 1:38 mark])

... and Batman in the trailer (posted above). It's almost like they've adjusted it so that he sounds less robotic.

(I know they're close to finishing and that they've messed around with the sound a little bit.)

Perhaps they're planning on doing what they did with Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and adjusting his voice to please both the fans who love it and the fans who hate it.

I believe that once this movie is said and done, they will decide whether or not it the voice will live on.

Down - Spoilers Galore!

Up until this point, they've been keeping their mouth pretty clinched on what threat will be the cause of the famous trinity to join forces for the finale of the film. Fans have speculated the new threat to be Doomsday, Bizarro, Lex's Exo-Suit, and so on. @ the 2:25 mark, it turns out that it's been (what we assume to be) Doomsday after all!

My question is though, "Why did they reveal it?"

Was it all the pressure from fan theories caving in?

Was it the slip from Michael Shannon a few months ago?
Leaked information?

Why would they give up now and give away such a spoiler?

To let fans rest easy knowing they were right?

To make fans wonder what this abdominal monster really is?

Not only does this ruin a mystery in the movie that fans could have been drooling into their popcorn bucket for, but it also confirms that Batsy and Supes kissed and made up AND Lex Luthor is indeed the mastermind behind this whole thing.

I know one must have to be an idiot not to guess that those two were going to happen, but these are still spoilers!

Think about it... (even though it wasn't going to happen) How surprised would you be to see that Batman & Superman fought it out till the last breath? How shocked would you have been to find out that Lex was actually... well... he was up to no good from the start, let's face it. But seriously... what suspense could someone still have going into this movie?

Up - Freakin' Doomsday, Man!

This shouldn't have to be explained...

Down - 'Lex Cooper'

I was one of the people excited to see Jesse Eisenberg's performance in this movie. I felt like they were really on to something there... turns out that they only managed to make the most advanced criminal mind in the DC universe into Sheldon Cooper with auburn locks... Seriously... I cannot take this guy seriously for one moment...

(I would like to say that I think Mr. Eisenberg is a marvelous actor and that Sheldon Cooper is a brilliant, original character. Therefore, I do not blame Eisenberg for this portrayal, or do I have anything against Jim Parson's gut-busting TV character.)

Up until this trailer, I was convinced that Eisenberg was giving us a charismatic, intelligent Lex Luthor. His sarcastic banter about 'The Red Capes coming' in the Comic Con trailer was subtle. It wasn't too campy, it wasn't too dark, it was just right! Now, ever since the moment he was introduced in the new trailer, I didn't hear anything but corny and immature dialogue. I don't find this character cunning, powerful, or intelligent. Just a dorky hippie who sounds like he owns the left-end seat on the couch.

Up - Something New

I could be wrong! This could be a brilliant move! Eisenberg can steal the show with this character!

This is a version of Lex that we have not seen yet. This could open new doors to a different type of villain in the world of superheroes!

This could also just be a gateway into the Lex Luthor we all know and love!

The Verdict...

In the end, I remain skeptical about the movie. I had very mixed feelings about this trailer.

There will be hate. There will be love. There will be me waiting to see this movie in my bedroom staring at my computer screen...

I'm not afraid to say I'm wrong about any of the content we were shown. This movie could rule the summer! I could still walk out of the theater on March 25, 2016 with a big shit-eating grin on my face! And I hope I am! I love Batman! I love Superman! I love Wonder Woman, Doomsday, Sheldon Cooper, voice modulators, and everything involved in this movie! So don't get me wrong, I hope this does terrific. I'm just a man stating his opinion on a trailer.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through my post!

Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts below and to cast your votes in the poll!

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Have a good one!


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