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The inhabitants of the Flarrowverse have been dealing with quite a few surprise family visits this season, not least of which was the revelation that Iris West's mother was alive.

First appearing in The Flash of Two Worlds, Francine West re-appeared in Joe and Iris's lives over a three-episode arc where she slowly revealed that not only had she turned her life around and wanted to get to know her daughter, but that she didn't have much time left in which to do it. In a storyline full of surprises, we were hit with one of the biggest at the end of The Fury of Firestorm, when Iris not only told her mother to leave, but revealed that she had done some digging, and found out that she has a brother: Wally West.

We've known for some time that Wally would be coming to the show, and now it has been revealed that he will be appearing in the upcoming episode 'Running to Stand Still.' We can see from some new sneak peek photos via ComicBookResources that he quite literally turns up on the Wests' doorstep.

We can see from his photo and some of the following images that Team Flash is celebrating the holidays at the West home when Wally appears, but the big question isn't so much when he shows up, but why.

Presumably, when Francine was diagnosed and decided that she wanted to repair her relationship with Iris, she also thought about what would happen to her son, Wally. Given that Francine revealed that she may not live to see the end of the year, the assumption would be that she has now passed, and left Wally information about his sister in her will or final wishes.

Iris and Joe being the kind-hearted people that they are, I'm sure that this news will be a blow to them, and that they will welcome Wally into their home.

While this is going to have a real impact on Iris, comic book fans know that this is also leading to a new member for Team Flash. In the comics, Wally West is also known as Kid Flash (and later became The Flash), after receiving super speed powers in an almost identical accident to Barry's. (In true comic book style, this is explained by the will of the Speed Force.)

Presumably, Wally will become Kid Flash within the show, but how is that going to occur? An accident at Star Labs is the most likely, or could it be that the Velocity serum ends up in Wally's bloodstream, granting him super speed that way?

We're going to have to wait and see how he ends up a speedster like Barry, but for now it's exciting just to know that he'll be joining the show before the end of this year!

'Running to Stand Still' airs on the CW Dec 8th.


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