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Everyone has those times. You're on Netflix scrolling and scrolling, but you just either have seen all the movies you want to see, or you are just afraid of trying other movies because they honestly just look bad. You might of just missed one of the biggest gems on Netflix(and Youtube) called "Kung Fury." The movie is only 30 minutes long so it's not as much of a time investment, but it has every single element a feature film needs to keep you on your toes the entire time and will make you roll with laughter with how goofy it is. It's a nice break from all of those too serious action/drama movies out there with the "Arnold Schwarzenegger's ", and "Tom Cruises."

So check it out, here's what I got for you:

Reasons why you should watch the lovely "Kung Fury"

  • Reason 1: This movie will keep you hooked because not only will all of the action keep you on the tip of your toes, but the way the fight actually happens just escalates and escalates on the ridiculously awesome scale. For the record this movie has a ton of violence, crude humor, profanity, and awfully bad (amazing) puns.

  • Reason 2: The characters are crazy and hilarious, for example: Kung Fury, Triceracop, Barbarianne(yes she's a barbarian), Thor, T-Rex(Yes the dinosaur), Katata(Not the sword), and even Hitler. The best thing about the characters is that they all have the cheesiest one liners that just put the icing on the cake.

  • Reason 3: What's even better than the characters? The physics of all the scenes in the movie. All the physics are so superbly awful that it makes it great. I know that's not something you hear for most reasons, but let me give you a little taste of what most of the film looks like.

(Yep, if that isn't the most awesome thing you've seen today then you have one exciting life.)

  • Reason 4: The atmosphere and the acting. The entire movie is filmed like a 1990's movie(probably because of a low budget) but it just makes the scenes that much more comical and entertaining. Everyone has the glazey/glossy look, and try way too hard (on purpose) which just makes you crack up almost every line.

  • Reason 5: If all of that stuff doesn't suit your fancy, I would like to point out that this movie was made from a Kickstarter back in 2013 which made them $630,019, exceeding the original target goal of $200,000. You may think that is a lot of money but for a feature film they had almost pocket change. A short-ish feature film generally goes for about $1,000,000. Over 17,000 backers supported the production of the film and It's really amazing that it got as popular as it is.

So, with all of that in mind you should definitely at least try watching Kung Fury. It's on Netflix or even Youtube:

(This is the actual creator's Youtube so don't feel bad about watching it on there.)

Hope you enjoyed!



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