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The trailer we've all been waiting for, airing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

If you wanted to see it for the millionth time, well here it is:

What we all were hoping for, Zod is Doomsday! Or, his DNA is Doomsday. Either way, we are in for one HELL of a fight!

After watching the trailer a few times, I have just one question. I get the Doomsday thing, the Wonder Woman thing, and the zany Lex Luthor thing. But what in the crap are these things?

As you can see, at the 1:54 mark, there are huge mosquitos everywhere! All I can figure out is, this is really the dream sequence all the fan theories are talking about, or Doomsday has just laid about 4000 eggs, and they look like the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz. Since Bats and Supes are on talking terms when Wonder Woman shows up and deflects Doomsday's laser/mouth beams:

Is this scene ACTUALLY a Marvel-esque scene? An attempt at humor from DC? Because it's pretty freakin funny:

She with you
She with you
I thought she was with you!
I thought she was with you!

So, I doubt the Wingy Dings appear before the big B vs S fight. It's in that desert scene where Superman unmasks Batman, and he's pretty ticked. A previous theory suggested it's not really Superman, but Bizarro.

I still think that might be true...Lex could have failed at his first attempt at cloning Supes, and made Bizarro first, and then tried again and made Doomsday. If that's the case, it might be time to give up, dude!

Who knows what those flying things are, anyone? Any ideas? PLEASE please fill me in! In the meantime, I'm gonna go watch the new trailer until my eyes bleed.


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