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After the events of the epic mid-season crossover with Arrow, you would be forgiven for thinking that Team Flash deserves a break (especially poor Cisco), but we know that that's not how life works when you're a superhero!

Instead, in this week's episode Barry and the gang will be up against some familiar faces, as Weather Wizard returns to Central City... to break Captain Cold and Trickster out of Iron Heights!

Where Has Weather Wizard Been?

When we last saw Weather Wizard Mark Mardon, he was headed to the prison in a van full of metahumans being transported from the pipeline. Of course, we all know that this didn't exactly go to plan, as Leonard's sister Lisa broke them all out. Leonard made the conscious decision not to kill Mark (and Rainbow Raider), although he easily could have – instead, they were last seen leaving the scene of the crime together.

Presumably, Mark has been laying low since his escape – he seems to have made some kind of peace with his brother's death, or at least decided that continuing to seek revenge isn't worth it (otherwise he would have immediately headed to Joe upon escaping). The question is: why he would return now? Presumably Captain Cold called in the favor owed to him for sparing Mark's life, but he could also have something in mind for them to pull...


Why is Weather Wizard coming to help Captain Cold?

Why Is The Trickster Involved?

Fans loved Mark Hamill's creepily insane Trickster in the Season 1 episode 'Tricksters,' so viewers will no doubt be thrilled to see him return; but what does he have to do with Weather Wizard and Captain Cold?

This won't be his first escape from Iron Heights, and it may be that Leonard and Mark needed his help to create another diabolically convoluted escape plan. Another potential option is that the two villains were cellmates, although this is unlikely, given that during his last incarceration Jesse (Trickster) was given a specially designed cell due to his particular brand of psychosis. Perhaps it's the Trickster who is behind the whole scheme – he may have been plotting since he was taken back to prison, and decided that he needs these two to help him.

No matter what, he looks incredible in the photos, and there is little doubt that he will be a fan favorite again this second time around.


Why is the Trickster involved?

Captain Cold and Legends of Tomorrow

Leonard's most recent appearance on the show proved that as far as villains go, he's got some fairly noble motivations. He even won over Barry, who came to visit him in prison at the end of the episode. Of course, we all know that this is leading up to his emergence as a hero (sorry, a legend) in the upcoming spin-off series Legends of Tomorrow.

Of course, it's fairly difficult to join a team of time-traveling hero-types when behind bars, so on a very simple level, this upcoming episode will be allowing him to break out so that he can take his place along side Hawkgirl, White Canary, Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman and Rip Hunter. On another level though, the assumption is that this will further develop his heroic side. He's not looking overly pleased with the Trickster in these images (although to be fair, he rarely looks pleased with anything!), and he pays a visit to Barry at home; could he redeem himself by aligning himself with Team Flash against these two criminals?


Will Captain Cold betray Weather Wizard and Trickster?

Heatwave and the Final Puzzle Pieces

The Legends team has been slowly building throughout this season of both Arrow and The Flash, and now that Ray Palmer is back to being man-sized, Dr. Stein has his new partner, Sara has her soul, Kendra has her wings, so it's time to bring Captain Cold and Heatwave on board. We know that Leonard is going to be a key player in this episode, so we may see Heatwave joining him (especially as the two are usually partnered) although it's also possible that he is simply collected by Oliver Queen and Barry Allen as they are assembling the team.

'Running to Stand Still' will undoubtedly be an incredible episode; not only is it the mid-season finale, but it is bringing together the final pieces for Legends of Tomorrow. Undoubtedly we will still see many of these characters in Arrow and The Flash again during crossover events, but this is essentially a farewell to Captain Cold in Central City! As one of the biggest "villains" since Season 1, bidding him farewell is bound to be incredible.

'Running to Stand Still' airs on the CW, Tues, Dec 8th.

Source (Photos): ComicBookResources


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