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With the newest Batman V Superman trailer released I was surprised to find apparently no one noticed the parademon army in what is supposedly Batman's "Knightmare."

Closer look at the possible parademon
Closer look at the possible parademon

Although the closest "parademon?" is seemingly wearing a helmet, the wings and limbs suggest that it is not human and closely resembles a smaller and thinner parademon with an army of them kidnapping people in the distance. It seems Batman's "Knightmare" might be our first look into Justice League Part 1.

My Theory

Now because this is Moviepilot, of coarse I have a longshot theory of how Batman is seeing Apocalypse invade Earth. So stay with me, or don't so I don't end up like the dude who thought Ben was Slade, but I think that the only way for Batman to see this is from a vision showed to him by a telepath. The only telepath in DC comics worth a spot in the first Justice League movie would be, in my opinion, J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter! My theory is that J'onn either can telepathically see the invasion coming or the he himself is on the run from Darkseid and is now attempting to seek help from the Justice League. He is attempting to show Bats what's to come so they can prepare for the battle but because Batman is obviously occupied with Superman, the vision changes and we see Monday's sneak peak as the end of the dream. This will lead him to be forced to reveal himself to the Trinity being Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and possibly alongside Cyborg, Flash, and/or Aquaman then BAM! Invasion begins, movie ends, and the Dawn of Justice is here leading into Justice League Part 1.

Think this is bogus? Go to Jimmy Kimmle's YouTube account and watch the Batman V Superman trailer at 2:07 and decide for yourself.

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