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The new Batman v Superman trailer just dropped, and my oh my that trailer was HOT!!!!! It breaking the internet as we speak and of course everyone gonna talk about this to death. One of the topics concerning this trailer is what was everyone favorite moments in the new trailer. It's hard to choose, but there were at least five best moments from the new trailer from this epic film. What were they? You came to the right place.

5) Doomsday Reveal

At last we finally know who will be the villain of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), and it none other than famous Superman villain, Doomsday. Doomsday was long rumored to be the villain of this movie and now it official that he will be the secondary antagonist of the film. His reveal was pretty special and it a no- brainer on this list.

4) Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent segment

Another highlight was the long scene of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent interacting with each other for the first time. What makes this moment so special is the chemistry between the two already as they discuss their alter-egos without knowing that their looking at their respective counterparts. Oh, and isn't it about time we hear Superman speak? I mean geez...

3) Fight between Batman and Superman.

The trailer provided some more shots of Batman and Superman going at it. It provided some nice quotes like "It time you learn what it means to be a man" or "Stay down! If I wanted it, you'll be dead already". Epic quotes right there folks.

2) Desert Bat-War

Who knows what the heck going on here. It an all-out war in the desert and Batman is going toe to toe with the Superman soldiers. What really surprising is we see these flying creatures. Could they be...Parademeons.

1) Trinity shot

No words...just epicness.

What do you guys think? Tell me what your guys favorite scenes from the trailer were down below in the comment section. And if you would please be so kind to smash that follow button for more content.


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