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Fresh off the premiere on Jimmy Kimmel Live! We now have the third trailer for the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice".

In it, we see a verbal "confrontation" between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne about the ways in which Batman operates and lines from Bruce that go from "rescuing a kitty from a tree" to "who could burn the whole place down"... wait... which building? That escalated pretty quickly. This leads to a reference to the Joker, with Wayne mentioning having experience with "Freaks dressed as clowns" - Yeah, you know you got it -.

Then we get an introduction to the actual Lex Luthor we will get in this adaptation: A laid-back, quirky, funny guy. Which adds to the tradition of films and characters in them being marketed as dark, psychological dramas at first, and then revealing their true, family-friendly nature.

There´s also, surpirse, surprise, an endangered Lois Lane at the hands of Lex Luthor.

New footage of the fight between Batman and Superman is also shown, alongside an explosion and a mysterious-looking machine made by Lex Luthor... But then... comes the reason Michael Shannon was essentially begging you to believe he was lying about his "bullsh$% flippers story" and a special effects artist deleted his Instagram account: Doomsday. Seriously, why make such an effort to hide him when you´re going to give him away in the third trailer?

Yes, Doomsday, made by Lex Luthor from Zod´s body is in Batman v Superman. Although the design is not very similar to his comic book counterpart and the villain is animated in very questionable CGI for a movie that was made in 2015 and it´s 3 months away, the iconic villain is one of the main threats for the three main heroes.

Also from the trailer, it seems Wonder Woman will not have specific ties to Batman or Superman, since neither of them knew where she came from once the battle is taking place.

The heroes then put on a "trailer" pose - you know, the one intended to make you excited for the film - to battle the big baddie.

What did you think of the newest "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer?


What do you think about the film now that we have a clearer idea of what to expect?


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