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This year's big Arrow / The Flash crossover gave us the occasion to have an insight at the next addition of its growing universe, Legends Of Tomorrow.

Warning - Spoilers Lie Ahead !

Ok, you're still there ? So, the second part of this big crossover, Legends Of Yesterday, saw Vandal Savage the main villain of [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) reduced to ashes. This was a surprising end as Savage is supposed to still be around when Legends kicks-off.

It was without counting on Malcolm Merlyn, the new Ra's-Al-Ghul. That kind of scene reminds us that Merlyn, despite his recent actions to help Team Arrow (interested for the most part) is still a bad guy. The end of the crossover is a further proof of this fact.

Malcolm retrieved Savage ashes for an unknown purpose. This plot will eventually be resolved but not before the start of Legends, as pointed out Greg Berlanti:

“As of right now, we’ve almost always saved it for ‘Legends.’ But we’re not done with the seasons on those two shows yet so I don’t want to say we wouldn’t come up with some kind of way to reference it.”

So what is Malcolm's endgame ?

Being Ra's-Al-Ghul usually comes with a few perks. Unfortunately, the main advantage of this function, the Lazarus Pits has been destroyed by Nyssa after Sara's revival.

During this scene you could really feel Malcolm's despair as he lost his major asset. A man like Merlyn is particularly tempted by the possibility of being immortal and he certainly sees in Vandal Savage an opportunity to accomplish that goal.

And this is the whole point of this theory: Malcolm certainly wants to reproduce what gave Savage his immortality by studying and experimenting on his ashes. What I think is that this little experimentation of his won't end well and will blew up in his face. Savage needs to be back by the beginning of Legends and I badly imagine Malcolm reviving him voluntarily. He would probably be more of a threat for him than anything else.

This wouldn't be the first time one of his plans fails. Remember back in season 3 when Malcolm manipulated Thea to kill Sara in order to get Oliver's help to take out Ra's-Al-Ghul ? This didn't ended well and Oliver almost got killed by the head of the League.

The first episode of Legends Of Tomorrow will surely address this plot and explain how Vandal Savage can still be alive. Until then all we have to do is wait.

Legends Of Tomorrow starts January 21st on The CW.


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