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With the all of the movies such as Stars Wars, (which I'm overly excited about) Captain America civil war, Deadpool etc. It seems to be a great year for nerds,geeks,fanboys/girls, all over. But why do I constantly get this feeling that Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice is going to bomb.

Now before you think that I am just some pissed off fanboy or DC fanatic(that one may be a complement lol) or just another trolling douchebag I still do have high hopes for the BvS movie. Even with my many issues.

No if you haven't seen the latest trailer aired on during the Jimmy Kimmel live show please watch it before continuing this post. Better yet here's the link below

Ok, I can take the fact that you turned Man of Steel 2 into BvS dawn of Justice in the first place, I also got over the fact that Ben Afflack is now Batafflack. I will also admit that gal gadot may have been I great choice for Wonder Woman, and even though she's been thrown in the mix way to early all these things are workable and creative. Please tell me that I'm not the only one that feels that the movie is going to bomb from there.

Problem #1

Does any else feel as if there is a significant age gap between Superman30s, Batman40s-50s, Lex Luthor20s, and Wonder Woman30s. Last time I checked they were all pretty much the same age. Yeah this may not have been a good point at first until you think about the fact that there is supposed to be a Justice League movie along with more stand alone films with separate character stories.

Problem #2

Why in the hell are there supposed to be so many cameos in a 2 hour movie rumor, not a rumor honestly it's just not surprising anymore. Every post, news article, or blog I read there seemed to be another DC character RUSHED into the damn movie. Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Robin/Nightwing, red hood, joker, and freaking DOOMSDAY. My question is why the villin and that kills Superman on multiple occasions in the first movie? What Lex Luthor just wasn't enough huh? Or he'll what about a character we've never seen before like bizaro or Metallo?

Problem #3

Speaking of rushed that is what I can get from the movie trailers. Whose ever idea it was to cram multiple complicated characters both villains and heros in the beginning of the story needs to be slapped in the nuts. Not to mention that the whole movie was pretty much showed the above 2:00m trailer. Now I could be wrong there could be moreally surprises could be in the movie however how much is enough.

I can't be alone out here. Don't get me wrong I still believe that this will be a good movie however, I still have my scepticisms, and I'm also frustrated my favorite comic book franchise is constantly getting shited on with bad live movies smh. If you agree or disagree with any of my problems or have anything to add. Please comment below. Thanks for reading!!!


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