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It's finally here! The long awaited second trailer for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) dropped yesterday, and boy oh boy was it worth the wait. After the dramatic, gritty goodness of the first trailer, the second one reveals that despite the heavy nature of the plot, Batman vs Superman does indeed have a sense of humor. And naturally, the whole thing is just stuffed full of hints and Easter eggs!

Just in case you haven't watched it at least 3 times already, here's trailer 2! Can you spot the hidden hints?

We've still got 4 months to go, but at least we can enjoy the wait for the Dawn of Justice release by dissecting the trailer frame by frame. Obviously, this trailer proved and disproved dozens of fan theories, and contained the biggest reveal yet...

Doomsday IS The Big Bad!

Ever since the film was first announced, fans have been theorizing that Doomsday would be the big bad villain that Batman and Superman inevitably unite to fight. And it looks like we were right!

Not only is Doomsday the big bad, it looks like Lex really does create the monster from Zod's corpse, as this trailer showed Lex gleefully start his experimentations on the body. This is totally awesome, though it does have one drawback...

Bye bye Bizarro! And Metallo, and Shark King, and every other villain fans thought might appear in Batman vs Superman. But is another villain ready to make his entrance into the DCEU?

Dream Sequence Confirmed

That desert scene has been baffling fans since the first trailer released. Showing Batman fighting Superman, some fans took this to mean that this wasn't Superman at all, but Bizarro. After all, good old Clark Kent doesn't seem the type to have a personal army. But now, it looks like this sequence is indeed a dream, thanks to this moment which reveals who the dreamer is...

It's Bruce! Because Superman doesn't know Batman's secret identity. This makes a lot of sense - Batman is clearly concerned about Superman's impact on humanity, and this dream sequence will serve as a dark vision of the future Bruce fears will happen if Superman isn't stopped. But is Batman having prophetic visions of DC's next big villain?

Darkseid's Entrance Into The DCEU!

Now we're getting into Easter egg territory! Did you spot these strange flying creatures in the desert sequence?

These bug-like beings look very similar to Darkseid's Parademon soldiers! This is huge, guys. Darkseid is one of DC's most powerful villains, the biggest of big bads. Known by his acolytes as the God of Evil, Darkseid is on a mission to control literally the entire universe, and wants to eliminate everyone's free will. Yeesh!

Darkseid in the DC Comics
Darkseid in the DC Comics

Clearly, Bruce's vision hints at the possibility that Superman's arrival on Earth catches Darkseid's attention, causing him to attack the planet. With Superman looking ready to torture Bruce in the desert, and his cult-like soldiers, this scene still screams "dream sequence!" to me. But the arrival of Darkseid's creatures definitely casts doubt on this: is this a prophetic vision or a secret villain revelation? Will Darkseid be the villain of Batman vs Superman... or Justice League Part One?!

Scoot McNairy Spotted!

Scoot McNairy is one of the actors appearing in Batman vs Superman in as-yet unnamed roles. Thanks to leaked images from the set, fans speculated that McNairy might be playing a paraplegic character, and it looks like this theory is indeed correct.

Scoot McNairy in the BvS trailer
Scoot McNairy in the BvS trailer

The shot is too far away to be 100% certain that this wheelchair bound character is Scoot McNairy, but it does seem to line up with the previously leaked images, right down to the costume.

Green socks so they can digitally remove his legs?
Green socks so they can digitally remove his legs?

So who could McNairy be playing? There are dozens of different characters from the comics who this could be, but thanks to yet another reference to Batman's history with the Joker, it seems more and more likely that McNairy is playing an injured (and probably retired) Dick Grayson.

More Joker Hints - Will We See Flashbacks?

In my personal favorite scene from the trailer, Bruce darkly alludes to his past, as Lex Luthor delights at Clark and Bruce butting heads.

But... you have a costume too...
But... you have a costume too...

What our glimpse at Scoot McNairy's mysterious character, and yet more emphasis on the Joker's impact on Bruce's life, it seems more and more likely we'll see flashbacks to Batman's past in Dawn Of Justice. (Or maybe they're just hyping up Suicide Squad.) And speaking of this scene...

Does Lex Know Their Secret Identities?

So either Lex Luthor just really really likes watching people bicker at his parties, or he actually knows that Bruce is Bats and Clark is Supes. And it seems as though Lex is already feeding the fire of the heroes' impending battle.

Subtle reverse psychology there, Lex.
Subtle reverse psychology there, Lex.

We already knew Lex would be pulling the strings, manipulating the heroes into fighting one another to distract them while he created Doomsday. But what if he knows their secret identities? Will he just use this to manipulate them further, or will he threaten those they care about most?

Lex Kidnaps Lois

Another excellent conversation, although brief, was between Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, where he revels in his big bad plan, and she just hasn't got time for his shit...

Is Lex using Lois to threaten Superman? Or is Lois confronting the villain of her own accord? We can't wait to find out!

Bonus: Mercy Graves

Did you spot Lex's ex-thief right hand woman? Because she's in the trailer, and she looks totally badass!

Will we see flashbacks to Mercy's time as the vicious leader of an all-female gang? Probably not. But it's cool that she's in the film!

What We Didn't See...

But as much as this trailer revealed, there are still tons of unanswered questions. Which we've handily condensed into one short list!

  • Where's Lex's super suit/armor? This was hinted at through merchandise, and it seemed Lex was ready to jump into the fray himself.
  • Who is Jena Malone playing? Batgirl, Robin, or a new character - we want to know!
  • Where is Aquaman? It's been heavily implied that Jason Momoa will cameo in BvS, as the actor has mentioned hanging out with Batman recently. But alas, we'd had no glimpses of the ocean king yet!

Of course, there's tons more to take away from the trailer, so feel free to tell us any hints you noticed in the comments. But above everything else, one thing is certain: this film is gonna be awesome!


Who do you think will win the fight?


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