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You may assume that when researching the role of Batman for Nolan's trilogy, Christian Bale spent hours watching superhero movies, or at least earlier interpretations of Batman. In fact, Bale has only ever seen one superhero movie!

The Oscar winning actor has now moved on from his Bruce Wayne days, with Ben Affleck taking over cape wearing responsibilities for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The timing, however, is right.

Talking to Uproxx, he confirmed he was "done" with saving Gotham and, secretly, has never been a huge fan of superheroes anyway:

"Oh, man, we [Bale & Nolan] did it and we were completely fulfilled by it. We achieved everything we wanted to achieve with it. Chris only ever wanted to make three. We did that. I’m done. That’s it. In fact, let me tell you a secret: I’ve never seen a single other superhero film except for Christopher Reeve’s Superman when I was a kid."

"This is a bit boring, Dad"

In a way, it's almost more of a challenge to avoid watching superhero movies, especially when you're a young kid with, assumedly, a pretty vivid imagination. Let's put that into context – Bale hasn't seen Spider-Man, Hulk or the X-Men doing their thing... The list is endless.

The Welsh actor has seen the Dark Knight trilogy (probably hard to avoid, when you’re the star of the show, right?) but his children haven’t. In fact, they have a distinct lack of interest in seeing their father battle Bane, Two-Face, the Joker and the like:

"But I kind of love that it’s, 'This is a bit boring, Dad. You know, I’ve got better things to do.' [Laughs] Great! Fantastic. I love that attitude."

The Big Short

So, on to the next project then. Bale's latest offering, The Big Short, is based on a true story about a group of outsiders who predicted the global collapse of the economy. See the trailer below:

The movie boasts a stellar cast including Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei and Steve Carrell. Early reviews are hugely favorable. Bale himself appears to be a fan of the final product, with the film making him "choke up." He said:

"First off, it’s f*cking funny. And it’s bloody entertaining. Then, at the same time as you get these breaking the fourth wall moments, you suddenly get other moments – there’s this fantastic scene where the number $16 billion is said. Now, I’ve never had a film in my life where a number has given me goose bumps and made me choke up."

Remembering this is a true story, so the more shocking the movie, the more questions will be raised about just what the hell was going on in Wall Street around that time...

'The Big Short' will be in cinemas on December 23rd.

Source: Uproxx


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