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Okay... so this is a bold move for Warner Bros., who chose to reveal Doomsday in the most recent Batman v Superman trailer. I won't recount the entire plot of the movie, which we now pretty much know in its entirety, but I'll summarize it in six words: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Doomsday, fight.

It looks like DC has set up a great movie, but come on guys, let's keep some secrecy! Doomsday would have made a fantastic surprise, I assure you that simply saying "Batman vs. Superman" is enough to lure in most of us.

Check out the most recent trailer, including Doomsday!

Anyway, the most recent trailer has revealed Doomsday to us, and despite the big reveal the movie does look fantastic, as does Doomsday himself.

Naturally the trailer has come under the scrutiny of fans who say that D.D. looks nothing like his comic book counterpart.

There's definitely some resemblance between the two, then again the character has gone through some massive changes throughout his time in the comic books.

So who is Doomsday?

Doomsday made his first appearance in 'Superman: Man of Steel #18' as a Superman villain. Created by Dan Jurgens, Doomsday has gone through many iterations, but was first written in as a character who would be a physical challenge for Superman, without having to rely on technology.

His origin story is a dark one, with him being the result of alien experimentation on a prehistoric Krypton, long before Kal-El's people became the dominant species on the planet.

These experiments were conducted to create the perfect being using evolutionary science, and involved by sending an infant to repeatedly die on the harsh surface of the planet. Every time the infant would die it was cloned and through genetic memory it learned to better survive. Eventually the creature evolved into Doomsday after battling the terrifying creatures which dwelled on Krypton.

Cheery, right? Now, we don't know the extent to which Doomsday will reflect his comic book origins in Batman v Superman. However, in the trailer we do see what looks like Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor bringing Doomsday to life in some kind of pseudo-Frankenstein monster process.

So does this explain Doomsday's origin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Will Lex Luthor create the villain or does he simply aide in his revival?

This could very likely be the only detail we don't yet know about the movie, so I won't speculate too much. Let's try and keep a few surprises for the movie!

It'll be pretty damn good seeing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman face-off against Doomsday. Although I'm still much more excited to see the Dark Knight vs. the Man of Steel!


What do you think of Doomsday?

(Source:, Techinsider.)


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