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"I hope that not just our child, but everyone in our community has an opportunity to go on and have a bigger impact in the world. I think she will get there."

It was the last sentence "I think she will get there" that caused the usual high-spirited Mark to hesitate and swallow his emotions, with wife Priscilla sitting next to him looking close to tears, in a new video posted on Facebook yesterday to welcome daughter Max.

The father of social media and new baby vowed in the video to help change the world for Max's generation.

The video was shot several weeks before Max was born, with impatient Mark joking:

"It's been 37 weeks, I think it's time for her to come out [...] it's my turn to hold her."

In the video, the couple discuss their plans to invest in programs to build stronger communities throughout the world. Wife Priscilla weighs in on why the investment plans are important for her:

"The future isn't going to be like today, the future is going to be better than today."

The couple are keeping a level head with their philanthropic plans, commenting that it is going to take a lot of practice and a lot of long-term planning for the couple to see results from their projects.

This comes as a follow-up from an adorable and inspiring letter he wrote to welcome Max, in which he talks about how he hopes to build better communities and initiate new programs to aid the advancement of education and medicine.

Mark has confirmed plans to unload 99% of Facebook stocks over his lifetime (estimated $45 billion) with all of the money going to various research projects.


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