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Back in October 2014 it was reported that FX had ordered a companion anthology series to Ryan Murphy's wildly successful American Horror Story called American Crime Story, and now, over a year later, we finally have our first look at the trailer for the 10-episode series, which will focus on the O.J. Simpson trial.

Take a look at the trailer below which features an all-star cast taking on the roles of some very famous folks who were involved in the so-called Trial of the Century back in 1995.

The trailer starts with prosecutor Marcia Clark receiving a phone call about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

It then shows the famous 20 police vehicle car chase that took place after O.J. Simpson failed to turn himself in and wrote a letter which sounded to many like a suicide note. According to the Business Insider, over 95 million viewers tuned in to watch the chase, and Domino's Pizza reported record sales.

It shows the madness of the trial and the masses of media present, waiting for any detail.

Selma Blair makes an appearance as Kris Jenner, as well as Connie Britton who will play Faye Resnick. Both were good friends of Nicole Brown Simpson.

The trailer also touches on the legal teams involved in the trials, including Robert Kardashian, played by David Schwimmer.

And of course, Cuba Gooding Junior appears as the man himself, O.J. Simpson.

The series, which will premiere on February 2nd, has managed to gather a phenomenal cast. Along with Ryan Murphy favorites Sarah Paulson and Connie Britton, there's also Cuba Gooding Junior, and John Travolta in his first TV role as a regular since the 1970s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. Combined, the cast have some serious acting skills, and also bear a pretty uncanny resemblance to the people they're portraying. Check out just some of the massive cast below:

Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark

Having starred every season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story series, Paulson will now take on the role of prosecutor Marcia Clark.

David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian

David Schwimmer will play Robert Kardashian, who today is probably the most famous of O.J. Simpson's "dream team" defense due to his daughters, Kim, Khloé and Kourtney and ex-wife Kris appearing on the reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Comparing the two above, Schwimmer seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to the now-deceased lawyer, right down to the wisp of grey in his voluminous hair.

Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson

Cuba Gooding Jr. will play the man at the center of the trial, O.J. Simpson. Despite us knowing that ultimately he was found not guilty, I'm sure the show will explore the ups and down of Simpson throughout the whole trial.

John Travolta as Robert Shapiro

John Travolta will play Robert Shapiro, another member of O.J. Simpson's legal team, much like Schwimmer, Travolta also bears a pretty uncanny similarity to Shapiro.

Selma Blair as Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, who was a very good friend of the murder victim, Nicole Brown Simpson (and her accused husband O.J. Simpson), was present for much of the trial, during which she was pregnant with daughter Kendall Jenner and wore maternity clothes that Nicole had given her prior to her death. The famous 'momager' recently gave her blessing for Selma Blair to play her younger-self in the series, calling the actress "great."

'American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson' premieres on FX on February 2nd.

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