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Nothing says 'I don't care what people think of me' quite like a massive tattoo on the face. Once you're a rapper, a rocker or a bona fide tattoo artist you may as well go the whole hog, but the rest of us might experience certain professional set-backs following a newly-inked face tatt...

Check out 8 celebs who made the bold decision to ink their faces!

1. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has a few delicate little tatts on the face which pale in comparison to his heavily inked bod. His ex, Amber Rose, had a fairly big tatt problem when she had to have her tattoo of Wiz's face covered up after their breakup...

See him in: 'See You Again,' the video tribute to FF7's Paul Walker:

2. Kat Von D

Tattoo artist to the stars and blessed with the deepest voice outside of Morgan Freeman, Kat Von D's smattering of stars is supposedly a testament to what a unique individual she is. You do you, hun!

See her In: LA INK

3. The Game

I'd probably rather have a facial tattoo than wear a trilby or a fedora, but rapper The Game has gone for both! He's rather fond of LA; maybe he should have a small addenda tattoo somewhere else on his body to explain that LA means Los Angeles?

See him in: Street Kings, Waist Deep

4. Michelle "Bombshell" McGee

Michelle McGee was famously the catalyst for Sandra Bullock's divorce after sleeping with her husband, Jesse James. No wonder she chose 'Forgive our Sinners' as the design for her questionable forehead tattoo.

See her in: Dreams: The Movie

5. Gucci Mane

Yup, that is an enormous ice cream tattooed on Mane's right cheek. Most tough guys go for a tear or an emblem of their hometown. Not Mr. Mane. I like to imagine him standing next to an ice cream van searching for tattoo inspiration...

See him in: Spring Breakers

6. Trace Cyrus

Metro Station and Ashland HIGH rocker Trace Cyrus has a tattoo collection to put sister Miley to shame! He has a circle of stars, a crucifix and the word 'Ashland' among other permanent facial inkings.

7. Li'l Wayne

Georgia rapper Li'l Wayne has a ton of tatts above the neck, including plenty of the aforementioned tough guy tears. He's also a fan of the good old Myspace star tattoo – who said the early '00s were dead?

See him in: Baller Blockin', Who's Your Caddy?

8. Travis Barker

Travis is not one to boast about the extreme pain he sits through for his tatts, saying:

"Your skin is really tight on your head. It wasn't really painful ... It's more of a statement if you're really willing to do that. That's what hurts more. Committing to walking around with a head tattoo for the rest of your life. That's the only thing that's risky about it."

See him in: American Pie, Two Guys and a Girl

BONUS: Ke$ha

I don't know if you can truly call something a 'facial tattoo' if it's cunningly hidden away in the moist folds of one's inner lip, but Ke$ha's neat little 'don't mess with me' brand is about the furthest into the 'above the neck tatts' field that I'd stray...

Source: Fanpop, Fansshare, Page Six


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