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They were all scared of him, even the ones on his side.

He was unpredictable, you see. You never quite knew what he would do, or how he would do it.

A most remarkable man, he was. Could fashion a helicopter out of a swing set if you gave him the time.

He had once been a peaceful man, back before the War. Everyone had been different before the War, yes, but he had changed drastically.

They called him The Doctor. That wasn't what he called himself. He used to call himself The Doctor, but times had changed, and he was no longer a healer, or wise man.

He was a warrior.

A murderer.

Slaughterer of thousands, millions.

Daleks, Cybermen, The Nestene Consciousness...

They all burnt before his gaze.

For he was The Warrior.

The mighty victor of the Time War.

And he did not show mercy.



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