BySamantha Shrimplin, writer at

I remember that day like yesterday, my daughter another massive Paul Walker fan, age 20 at the time, came running downstairs very upset, and asked me had I heard, so upset as if she had been told a family member had died. When she told me, I think disbelief set in first, then shock, I searched the Web hoping it was another horrible hoax, and that it wasn't true. But sadly it was. We must watch one of Paul Walkers' films weekly, or at the very least fortnightly, and for those 90 minutes or so, we try to forget that tragic day ever happened, by the end we're in floods of tears as reality hits in and realise these movies are all we have of him now. Paul Walker always came across as the caring guy, not a bad bone in his body, because he was, and although millions of people had never met him, including me, I still had the feeling of grief and the loss of a close loved one. Thus, due to the roles he played and his dedication to the character, his interviews - always a gentleman. We have lost an amazing man, actor, ambassador of charities, he had a huge heart and everytime he smiled we could see this. There's a saying, god only takes the good, well he took the best when he took Paul Walker away from us. Heavens gain, is sadly our loss. R.I.P. Paul, gone but never ever forgotten, a true gentleman now an angel, forever in our hearts.


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