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Analyzing The Strength Of Yamcha-Dragon Ball Series:

Yamcha is the most trolled DB character. He has become an iconic troll legend.

All over the social Medias there are numerous trolls and memes about how weak Yamcha is. It’s true that Yamcha is one of the weakest Z fighters. However, all these trolling have reached a level where he is portrayed as way weaker than he is. Though it started with trolls and sarcastic comments; now a time has come when many people believes Yamcha is good for nothing. He is now deemed to be weaker than he originally is. He is often compared with characters from other anime. Statements like’ the only character Naruto can defeat from DB is Yamcha’ are often made. Most disturbingly and surprisingly many people actually started hating Yamcha for real. And believes that the character shouldn't be in DragonBall.

As we all know DB characters are intensely powerful. They are so powerful that we often forget the extent of their power. Yamcha looks weak among all those godly characters that can actually destroy the entire universe.

But, if you analyze the strength of Yamcha alone he is amazingly strong and has some super cool techniques. And is stronger than most other anime characters he is usually compared with. Even if you look at the powers of comparatively weaker characters of Dragonball they are no less than mega superheroes. In the 1st dragon ball world martial arts tournament, in the final match between Jackie Chun (Master Roshi) vs Kid Goku; Roshi uses the Kamehameha wave to destroy the moon. In Dragon Ball Z, Picollo destroys the moon while training Gohan. If Dragon Ball version of Master Roshi could destroy planets; its obvious that Yamcha can do the same. And don’t forget the fact that Yamcha is the 2nd of Roshi’s student to learn Kamehameha,; which also proves how much of a quick learner he is.

Vegeta-Napa saga:

Yes,Yamcha got killed by a saibaman. Mainly because of his arrogance and over confidence. Krillin did destroy the Saibamen's after that. But,Krillin was well aware of the play dead-suicidal trick and also he used much more percentage of his power.

Freeza Saga:

Anyways, later on during Freeza saga we see his awesome developments of power.. While Vegeta,Gohan and Krillin had a hard time fighting the ginyu force and had to give everything they had. Yamcha after training at King Kai’s place got so strong that he effortlessly took out Recom on otherworld. It goes without mentioning that at that stage Yamcha’s speed was lightening fast! Back during Dragon Ball, the final martial arts tournament the fighters were so fast that they could actually virtually disappear using their speed. Then when Goku came back after his training at King kai’s his speed got multiplied and entered a level which was beyond imagination back in Dragon Ball. Then, on planet Namek we meet with the ‘Ginyu Force’ and that force was even faster. So fast that they could use multiple moves without saiyan opponent noticing anything! And as mentioned earlier Yamcha outplayed Ginyu Force along with other Z fighters. This shall give you a clear idea about Yamcha’s speed. And the fact, that he surpassed Freeza saga’s Vegeta and Gohan.

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Later on, Yamcha gave up training and lost motivation to fight as both his allies and rivals where getting stronger and stronger. With all the super saiyan actions he felt his contribution wasn’t required anymore. Besides, Yamcha was an enthusiastic guy who also started his martial arts career with big dreams and hopes. But, he never got to win the martial arts tournament. Got constantly defeated by his rivals which is quite disappointing. And for that he stopped his training and never reached his full potential. Tien on the other hand kept training and is still able to make mentionable contributions. Yamcha’s emotional decisions are a major factor for him not developing. He mastered kamehameha even before Krillin when he was dedicated. But, now even Krillen is marginally stronger and more useful than Yamcha.

`We see, Yamcha got frustrated seeing Vegeta training at 300 times x earth’s gravity. So, he also wanted to do the same because he felt whatever Vegeta could do;He could do it to. Which goes without saying was absolutely idiotic. Resulting in Yamcha fainting down and was barely able to stop the system. This became another incident of trolling. Numerous memes were created out of the incident.

But, most people didn’t see the positive side of the incident and the glimpse of Yamcha’s potential.

We see Goku gravity training in his spaceship while heading towards planet Namek. He mentions that at King Kai’s place the gravity was already 10 times the earth’s gravity so he should start up with higher. And sets the Gravity to 20G and faces difficulty! He then gradually increases it to 50G and ends with the maximum of 100G!

Time Chambers Gravity is only 10G x Earth’s Gravity. Even there Gohan faces slight difficulty. Also Trunks had difficulty with Gravity.

So even if the mighty saiyans felt uncomfortable with the gravity and had to increases it slowly. Isn’t it a miracle for a mere human to be able to tolerate 300 times the earth’s gravity?

Yamcha was actually able to stand for a few seconds before falling down and then he managed to turn the system off. If Yamcha didn’t let emotion rule him and started with 50G then slowly increased it then after a duration even Yamcha could’ve tolerated 300G. I think this shows that Yamcha always had the potential but due to his lack of motivation and emotional decision he lags behind. Also Akira Toriyama always shows that the characters get stronger by training so he might be trying to make an example that even if u have potential but don’t train wisely you will fail.

Later on do we see more development of Yamcha’s feat of strength?

Yes, we do. Yamcha easily defeats Olibu and Gorilla without them being able to touch him at all. We know, olibu was shown to be the second strongest fighter on the otherworld after Pikkon. And Pikkon had a tough match with him on the tournament where,Olibu was a legit fighter. The reason behind Yamcha being able to defeat him might be that he trained in the meanwhile. And also as he mentioned there that he got the motivation back to fighting after going to that world. Krillin also mentions how it was hard to get Yamcha to even train back in earth and now here he’s kicking ass like a star.

Having all that said, we all know that Yamcha is a weak character. But, he still is an important character who has added a lot of value to the Dragon Ball series since the beginning. And I believe everyone do realize that we need weak characters to highlight the strength of superiors.

Besides, most of the people who can’t bear Yamcha at all and thinks he shouldn’t be there are basically kids who started watching the series from Dragon Ball Z. Maybe checked out few episodes of Dragon Ball. For the majority of us who had been watching Dragon Ball from the very beginning we know how cool of a character Yamcha was at the beginning. His first appearance was awesome. He actually wolf fang fisted Goku sending him through 3 pillars and back then he looked really badass. And was actually the first legit rival Goku got. Yamcha saved Bulma and others from few incidents and also was the first to figure out that cutting Goku’s tail could stop his ape form. Moreover, his fighting style was also cool even later on his Ki attacks like spirit ball was fun to watch. I don't know about others but the way he controlled spirit ball looks great to me. So, I think Yamcha deserves respect as an iconic Dragon Ball character.

In the last Dragon Ball: Resurrection F, We saw Master Roshi coming to the battle field and taking out Freeza’s soldier easily while Yamcha didn’t even appear.
( Read how resurrection F hints Roshi was hiding his powers all the time-,manual)

So, I just hope in Dragon Ball Super series or in some other movie Yamcha will get some good roles like Master Roshi got in Resurrection F. Well,I personally believe that the fighting scenes would be more interesting with the involvement of Z fighters. Who wants to see only Saiyans fighting?


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