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The premise behind last week's episode interested me, that's for sure. The Doctor, trapped in a sort of prison/castle, talking to himself for fifty minutes? However, with Capaldi's talent for monologue proven in The Zygon Inversion, I was sure it would be in safe hands; and it didn't disappoint.

Heaven Sent will go down in Doctor Who history as an experiment that worked. We've had many experiments on Doctor Who; (Love & Monsters - a fan-designed monster, Sleep No More - found footage, Victory of the Daleks - Daleks designed by Jony Ive...okay, I might be making that one up!) My point is, they are rarely any good. But, here, we have a success.

We have a monster that definitely isn't as 'terrifying' as Steven Moffat had been saying, it was certainly thought-provoking. I did enjoy the episode a lot, and was absent-mindedly wondering about certain things in the back of my head...until the episode pulled me in.

You know what I'm talking about;

When the Doctor dies.

And by 'dies', I don't mean once. Haha, it's Moffat we're talking about here...

He dies about a billion times over. Again and again and again, to reach his goal; smash through the diamond wall.

And he manages it; oh-hoh, he manages it...and we're back on Gallifrey. And that's cool.

"we're back on Gallifrey. And that's cool."

Biggest understatement of the month/year/decade/century award.

I award this episode an 8.9/10, for giving me a thoroughly interesting fifty-five minutes, and making me extremely excited for next week.


That's a helluva bird.


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