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Miley's latest Instagram post has sent her fanbase into a frenzied panic. Accompanying a picture of the 'Bangerz' star posing with a christmas sweater with Billy Murray's head on the front, was the caption ' 4eva.'

The Instagram Post

No one is really sure what this means. Is Miley referring to her last red carpet appearance of 2015? Is Miley no longer partaking in promotional activities? Is the superstar even retiring?

What Does It All Mean?

Whatever Miley actually meant, it's pretty certain that the star will be withdrawing from the public eye for a while. I don't think this is surprising considering the hard time she has been having in the press lately. Miley has been slated in so many ways over the past few months, including her photo shoot with Terry Richardson for CANDY, the time she licked a piano and even her plans to do a concert entirely in the nude.

Latest photoshoot for Candy
Latest photoshoot for Candy

Whether Miley is just letting heads cool or is just going to take some time off to enjoy life and get to know herself better, I think it's fair to leave the 22-year-old alone.

It could also just be that the star is super tired after a new album, a new tour, and tons of charity projects. Sometimes you just have to look after yourself before others.

We hope you're okay, Miley!


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