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Taylor Lautner might be in danger of being mauled by 'Team Jacob' whenever he steps outside, but it turns out the 23-year-old star's appeal stretches far beyond the human kingdom.

Unfortunately for Lautner, his animal admirer isn't a noble, majestic she wolf who has fallen deeply in love with his lupine Twilight character. It's a donkey.

Who wouldn't fall for this one?
Who wouldn't fall for this one?

Other cast members revealed that while filming Adam Sandler's controversial Netflix comedy The Ridiculous 6, a "burro" took a real shine to the heartthrob and refused to leave him alone. Jorge Garcia explained:

"You would be doing a scene and out of the corner of your eye, you see the burro's, like, licking Taylor's hand."

Obviously hell bent on embarrassing his younger cast mate, Rob Schneider went on to reveal that the burro "loved" Lautner before the equine stud muffin himself confirmed that:

"We would literally be in the middle of takes and this burro would just be licking me."

Looking at how cute Taylor is in the clip below, I'm kind of with the donkey on this one though. Awwwww!


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