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Marco Grazzini is set to join the cast of The Flash as a metahuman named 'Tar Pit,' who '' have revealed has the power to transform into molten asphalt.

The Heroes Reborn actor is set to appear as Tar Pit in the mid-season finale of The Flash, set to air next Tuesday on The CW. Interestingly, the episode is also scheduled to guest star Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, who will presumably be reprising his role as Trickster.

I'm unsure how these two characters will fit into an episode together, but I'm sure The Flash writers will make it work with their traditional finesse!

This episode will also serve as the final send-off of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), who is set to leave for Legends of Tomorrow, where he'll switch from villain to hero... or "legend."

Tar Pit.

  • In The Flash comic book source material Tar Pit was originally known as Joseph Monteleone, whose brother hooked him up with a job dealing drugs.
  • Consequently, Joey found himself locked-up in Iron Heights prison.
  • A lighthearted character, he wasn't particularly concerned with this eventuality, and quickly discovered he had the ability to project his consciousness into inanimate objects.
  • During his time in prison he used this ability for his own entertainment, until he found himself trapped in a vat of tar.
  • Unconcerned, Joey became the villain Tar Pit, who was pretty damn strong and immune to physical harm, as well as being flammable.
  • Tar Pit continued to be a minor nuisance to the Flash and was once seen attempting to become a member of the Suicide Squad.
  • I don't see Marco Grazzini's Tar Pit becoming a major player in The Flash, but I'm sure he'll make a fantastic villain of the week.

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(Source:, DC.wikia.)


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