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The chances are, unless you're clued up on your history, you've probably never heard of Johan de Witt. He was a prominent Dutch politician in the mid-17th century, who became Prime Minister during a period known as the Dutch Golden Age.

He died a brutal and barbaric death at the hands of a rabid, blood thirsty angry mob.


Due to his opposition to the Dutch monarchy, de Witt was faced with angry fractions of the Dutch population. He had been attacked numerous times.

While still recovering from a previous attack in 1692, he visited his brother in prison.

The Republican was lynched by an angry mob who were didn't like his opposition to the Dutch monarchy. They demanded that Johan should go to prison, too.

Once in prison, the guards were sent away, leaving him unprotected. Without anyone protecting them, both Johan and his brother, Cornelius, were dragged from the prison and killed by an angry mob.

But that's not the worst part.

He was killed by a shot in the neck; his naked body was hanged and mutilated and the heart was carved out to be exhibited. His brother was shot, stabbed, eviscerated alive, hanged naked, brained and partially eaten.

Some even took them home to cook, presumably with a nice side salad. It takes the edge off, apparently.

One of the ringleaders of the group, Hendrik Verhoeff, kept the hearts of the brothers and displayed them publicly for years to come.

Perhaps this is how Beauty And The Beast would've really ended if the story were real?

Source: Wikipedia, Dark and Bizarre Stories


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