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Never get too attached to anyone on The Walking Dead. It's something that every fan of AMC's The Walking Dead know all too well. There's been a lot of deaths so far, with some making us cheer and others making us weep. But which death has been the series' most important or remarkable?

29. Carter (Ethan Embry)

Series lifespan: S06 E01

A walker bit his face. Then stabbed in the head by Rick Grimes to prevent Reanimation.

We hardly knew Carter, but we knew from the minute he challenged Rick in the season six premiere that he wasn't long for this world.

28. Aiden Monroe (Daniel Bonjour)

Glenn and Nicolas trying to help to Aiden
Glenn and Nicolas trying to help to Aiden

Series lifespan: S05 E12 - S05 E14

Aiden was knocked back by an exploding grenade and impaled on two metal bars of a storage shelf.

I'm not really sad to see him go, but Aiden's death clued viewers in about what some citizens of Alexandria are really like...untrustworthy. Nicholas sacrificed him to the walkers in order to save himself; in his parting words to Aiden, he remarked that they had done the same to previous Alexandria residents.

27. Jim (Andrew Rothberg)

Rick offering the gun to Jim
Rick offering the gun to Jim

Series lifespan: S01 E02 - S01 E05

Bitten on stomach. His final wish is to be left by a three to become a walker. He refuses to take the gun.

Jim succumbed to the infection in season one. Forgot he existed? So did I. For me, it was a sad sad moment, everytime when a nice guy dies, it's a sad moment.

26. Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott)

Series lifespan: S01 E02 - S01 E06

After finding out the small chances of developing a cure, going back to the way things were, and the mass power failure, Jacqui along with Dr. Jenner gave up hope and decided to commit suicide. Edwin said it was the most peaceful way to die with no pain or suffering.

25. Summer (Addy Miller)

Series lifespan: S01 E01

She was bitten by walkers and reanimated.

The first kill of the series was a memorable one: Rick shooting a zombified little girl. Welcome to the future, folks!

24. Amy (Emma Bell)

Andrea and Amy
Andrea and Amy

Series lifespan: S01 E01- S01 E05

Amy is bitten on the neck and later put down by Andrea after she reanimates.

An early casualty to the walkers in season one, her death helped motivate Andrea for a hot minute.

23. Zach (Kyle Galler)

Daryl and Zach
Daryl and Zach

Series lifespan: S04 E01

After Bob sets the wine bottle back down on the shelf, the impact breaks the shelf, causing the shelf to fall on him. After Zach lifts the shelf for Bob to escape, a walker grabs Zach's leg, pulls him down, and bites his neck. Zach is then eaten alive. While Zach is being eaten alive by a walker, more walkers are falling through the ceiling. The rest of the group escapes before the ceiling collapses, causing Zach to be crushed and killed.

In the grand scheme of things, not that important, but still, dude was killed by a helicopter crashing through a roof. Epic.

22. Sam (Robin Lord Taylor)

Series lifespan: S04 E04 - S05 E01

In season 4, Carol and Rick found him ans his girfriend in an abadoned house. Rick sent them to find supplies, then they never return. In season 5, brutally got his throat slit by the Terminus cannibals in front of Rick and the gang.

21. Dawn Lerner (Christine Woods)

Series lifespan: S05 E04 - S05 E08

Beth's captor and the head the hospital in Atlanta was stabbed by Beth…and then immediately shoots Beth in the head and is seemingly horrified by what she has done. As she begs for Rick's group to wait before doing anything, Daryl approaches and coldly shoots her in the head, killing her.

20. Tomas (Nick Gomez)

Series lifespan: S03 E01 - S03 E02

After Tomas tries to kill him twice in a row, Rick approaches Tomas, and after an intense confrontation, he mercilessly drives his machete into Tomas' head, killing him instantly. This was one of the big turning points when viewers—and other zombie survivors—learned, that you don't mess with Rick Grimes. Ever.

19. Milton Mamet (Dallas Roberts)

Andrea and Milton
Andrea and Milton

Series lifespan: S03 E03 - S03 E16

A victim of the Governor and his murderous rage. The Governor decides to force Milton to be the one to kill Andrea. Rather than kill her, Milton takes the opportunity to attempt to kill the Governor. The Governor fends off the attack, stabbed him and reanimates as a walker. Andrea, using pliers that Milton had deliberately dropped for her, manages to free herself from her binds just as Milton is turning.

18. Mika Samuels (Kyla Kenedy)

Series lifespan: S04 E01 - S04 E14

Killed by her sister Lizzie to prove to Carol and Tyreese that walkers aren't different than people, kills Mika.

17. Noah (Tyler James Williams)

Series lifespan: S05 E02 - S04 E14

Noah gets trapped alongside Glenn and Nicholas in the rotating doors. When Nicholas panics and forces the doors open to escape, he allows the walkers on the other side to grab Noah's leg. The walkers pull him out and force him against the glass doors, devouring him in front of a traumatized Glenn. Totally gross.

16. Sophia Peletier (Madison Lintz)

Series lifespan: S01 E03 - S05 E14

We all remember the quest for little Sophia. But all along she was a zombie in the barn. After Shane forces open the barn, the walkers exit and are gunned down by the group. Once all of the walkers have been put down, Sophia slowly walks out and is shot in the head by Rick.

15. Karen (Melissa Ponzio)

Series lifespan: S03 E09 - S04 E02

After displaying symptoms of the unknown illness, Karen is separated from the healthy people in the prison. She was stabbed in the head and then dragged out into the courtyard. There, her corpse was set on fire by Carol.

14. Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh)

Series lifespan: S05 E12 - S06 E08

As leader of the Alexandrians, Deanna was pretty out of her element whenever the real world encroached on her settlements walls. Naturally, once those walls fell, she took a bite to the belly while trying to protect Rick.

After Rick and the others have left the house, Deanna is about to kill herself when she hears the walkers outside the hallway and decides to open the door and open fire, killing some of the walkers as they begin to come close to her and letting out one last defiant yell at them.

13. Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gillard Jr.)

Series lifespan: S04 E01 - S05 E03

Poor Bob. He was bitten by a walker and then captured by Gareth. They removed his leg and ate it…but Bob still lived. Then he told them, that he was bitten, ant they ate infected flesh. After he dies from his bite, Tyreese stabs him in the head to prevent reanimation.

12. T-Dog (Irone Singleton)

Series lifespan: S01 E02 - S03 E04

While attempting to save Carol and the rest of the prison group, T-Dog paid the ultimate price. While wandering through the prison they ran into two walkers, and knowing his time was up, he used his last moments to save Carol's life. He charged himself at the Walkers, holding both of them back, giving her time to escape, before a chunk of his throat was ripped out, leading to his death. T-Dog was later seen by Rick, devoured and still being eaten when encountered. Rick killed the walkers eating T-Dog, and couldn't bear to look. RIP Theodore.

11. Dale Horvath (Jeffrey Demunn)

Series lifespan: S01 E01 - S02 E11

Damnit, Carl! Dale and his fisherman's was attacked by a walker Carl had previously seen and provoked, but didn't kill. That walker got to eat Dale's insides. Rick demands that they move Dale to the house to operate on him, but Hershel informs him that he would be unable to save Dale in his critical condition. Daryl takes Rick's gun, points it at Dale and says, "Sorry, brother," before shooting him. Only on TWD is a shot in the head showing someone mercy. This. Show.

10. Gareth (Andrew J. West)

Series lifespan: S04 E16 - S05 E03

Here's why you don't kidnap, torture and kill any of Rick Grimes' people: he'll cut off your fingers and then stab you to death.

9. Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker)

Series lifespan: S01 E02 - S03 E15

Merle was almost like a phoenix on The Walking Dead. Until he died. He didn't die when they left him chained on a roof. Instead he lost his hand and joined up with the Governor. Instead of handing Michonne to the Governor, Merle chooses to ambush and kill the Governor himself. The Governor beats him, then bites off two of Merle's fingers, and breaks his arm before fatally shooting him in the chest.

Daryl comes across the undead Merle feeding on Ben at the meeting place and begins to cry uncontrollably. He finishes the undead Merle by stabbing him seven times in the face, then falling to the ground in tears.

8. Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal)

Series lifespan: S01 E01 - S03 E12

Shane was killed by his former best friend Rick, who's wife he fell in love with post-zombie takeover, in an intense showdown, which disproved the saying don't bring a knife to a gun fight. And after coming back as a zombie, Shane was put down by Carl. Rough twist.

7. Tyreese Williams (Chad Coleman)

Series lifespan: S03 E08 - S05 E09

Tyreese had been through so much and become such a protective and comforting presence in the group that it was especially hard to see him go after being bitten by Noah's walker brother on the arm. He is bitten again by another walker who he briefly hallucinated as the Governor. His arm is sliced off by Michonne in an attempt to prevent the infection from spreading, but he dies from blood loss. She also later stabs him in the head off-screen to prevent reanimation after Tyreese finally dies of blood loss on the car.

6. Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino)

Series lifespan: S04 E01 - S04 E14

Oh man. Just thinking of this is making us cry. She believed the zombies were playing and weren't dangerous (and dead). After killing her sister, Carol takes Lizzie out under the ruse of picking flowers for her sister Mika. Believing that Carol was mad at her for an incident involving her pointing a gun at Carol earlier, Lizzie begins to cry, and Carol tells her to "look at the flowers", which was what Mika told Lizzie to do earlier in the episode in order to calm down. An emotionally distraught Carol lifts her gun, and fires a fatal shot into the back of Lizzie's head, killing her. Lizzie's death basically started a new era for Carol and her standing in the group.

And we'll never look at flowers the same.

5. Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson)

Series lifespan: S02 E02 - S04 E08

The father figure of the group survived longer than most people expected. He even lost a foot!

After Rick pleaded with The Governor's group to put down their guns and join them at the prison, The Governor blatantly refused under his breath and proceeded to slice Hershel at the neck. As the two groups fought, Hershel vainly dragged himself away from the fight, slowly dying as he lost blood. Then the Governor caught up with him and brutally hacked his neck with Michonne's sword.

After the fall of the prison, Michonne came across his severed, reanimated head and stabbed it with her katana, destroying his brain and ending his second life.

4. Andrea (Laurie Holden)

Series lifespan: S01 E02 - S03 E16

Oh, Andrea. She was put in quite a pickle. After living in Woodbury and sleeping with the Governor, fans turned on you. But at least she died with some dignity. After being bitten, she is found in the room. Andrea urges the group to allow her to kill herself, and Rick hands her his gun as a tearful Michonne stays behind with Andrea one last time. Her death marked a major shift between the comic book series and the show.

3. Beth Greene (Emily Kinney)

Series lifespan: S02 E02 - S05 E08

She was essentially captured in a hospital, despite escape attempts. But then her cavalry showed up! Rick and the gang were trading captured officers for Beth, but Dawn Lerner demanded Noah return to the hospital. He agreed, but Beth didn't. She stabbed Dawn in the neck with scissors and Dawn shot her in the head. Dawn reflexively pulls out her gun and shoots Beth in the head, instantly killing her.

Beth's death sent the team off in a new direction.

2. The Governor (David Morrisey)

Series lifespan: S03 E03 - S04 E08

After what felt like forever, the Governor finally met his maker at the hands of Michonne…and Lilly!

As The Governor beats up Rick, Michonne sneaks behind him and impales him through his back with her sword. However, she decides not to put him down and leaves him to die in agony. Lilly finds The Governor, lying on the ground and mortally wounded from being stabbed by Michonne. Lilly shoots him in the head, finishing him off.

1. Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies)

Series lifespan: S01 E01 - S03 E04

Lori, Lori, Lori. The bane of existence for some Walking Dead fans, she met her maker after giving birth to baby Judith. When walkers attacked, Lori went into labor, but began losing too much blood and determined it was either her or the baby so she had Maggie perform a C-section on her, knowing her end was near. Lori died after the birth, but Carl put the final nail in the coffin: a bullet through her head so she didn't reanimate.


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