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Well in case you didn't notice, the second Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer just hit. Who am I kidding? Everyone noticed, and the analysing has gone into overdrive. But instead of analysing the trailer for easter eggs and hidden references, I want to talk about the major moments in the trailer, because there is a chance that they are trying to tell us something very important that nobody expected about the DCEU!

Obviously I do know that neither of the trailers above are the ones you want to see, but I want you to watch them both and tell me what kind of film you are expecting. Personally I would say something pretty gritty, violent, and dark. Similar in style in many ways to the Nolan Batman Trilogy, and to a certain extent similar in style to Man of Steel. What we have been certain of since the inception of the DCEU is that it would be a much grittier style of universe, with much darker films than we are used to seeing across the aisle in the MCU, where the action is usually punctuated by a lot of lighthearted comedy and such. In fact, if you had asked me what the difference is between Marvel and DC films, aside from the different characters, I would have said DC is darker... but there is a huge difference to the two above trailers and the new one below. Watch it.

Obviously you see all the action, the tension between the two, as well as a HUGE reveal with Doomsday there at the end, but you know what I took away from that trailer? Two major moments of... comedy!

At the beginning when Bruce and Clark are having a heated debate for an incredible 70 seconds of the trailer, and suddenly Lex leaps in with his "Boys!" it made me laugh a lot, and that was a surprise to see in this trailer.

It did however seem destined to be an isolated laugh as the trailer continued to develop plot points such as the tension between the two heroes and the impossibility that Batman faces in going up against the man many consider to be a God. But then at the very end when Wonder Woman entered in awesome fashion, there was an absolutely hilarious moment between Bruce and Clark!

"Is she with you?"

"I thought she was with you."

THAT moment was huge, not because it shows that they don't come into conflict with each other throughout the film, but because it shows that these heroes don't have to be so serious all the time, and it's kind of a relief to know that there's going to be a bit of comedy in this film as well! Personally, I think Doomsday looks great and I can't wait for this film more than ever!

But the big question remains. Is the DCEU going to be more like the MCU than we originally thought?

Yes, yes it is. What does this mean for it's other planned films though? We will find out soon!


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