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I've been a supporter and defender of Batman v Superman since it was released back in 2013. I have told worries to have faith and doubters to have trust. With the new official trailer having been dropped, I am starting to see cracks in the armor that is holding this film together, and it's very concerning.

Things Looked Promising

I really enjoyed the beginning of this trailer. Watching Clark and Bruce partake in some subtle argument with excellent dialog to speak of, well that shows me these characters are being handled perfectly. Then comes the downfall...

Lex Luthor

I really don't blame Jesse Eisenberg. It would be easy to, but the fault honestly lies with the director. If Snyder truly thinks that this is Lex Luthor, I've lost all hope in the future of the DCEU. If Snyder is going to start Lex off like this, gradually becoming the intimidating and powerful Luthor we all know, than fine. I just cannot see Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Probably because of the vision the creative team chose to take Lex. It's very worrisome when the lead villain is also the comic relief. Whatever denial you may be forcing yourself into, that doubt is scratching the back of your mind.

Overall Positives

Ben Affleck's Batman / Bruce Wayne

"I thought she was with you?"
"I thought she was with you?"

Ben Affleck fits the role perfectly from all I've seen and I have no gripes with him whatsoever.

The New Bat- Voice

"Oh sh-"
"Oh sh-"

I like the voice modulator. It works fine. Better than throat cancer Bale...

Batman VS Superman

The fighting and action are going to look and feel epic. That is no discussion. Snyder nails visual action scenes.

The DC Trinity Shot

This is awesome! IF and I do say if, the story doesn't totally suck and everything feels fluent and logical.

I Tried To Tell You...

Back a number of months ago I wrote that Doomsday would for sure be in the film. Everyone said "no way, idiot". Well, I was right and it feels good. Doomsday looks fair enough, but I do hope he going to progress into the more spiked monster we know him to be from the comics.

Overall Thoughts

This trailer told too much. Notice how I said told, not showed. You can show a lot of footage and in fact the previous Batman v Superman trailer was 34 seconds lengthier, yet less plot points could be connected because of the way it was cut together.

With this trailer, it just seems that they're giving everything away in a condensed 3 minute version of the film. Also, certain things should not have been shown in a trailer. Showing Batman and Superman as allies totally disregards their initial conflict. Not that this film would be that hard to predict, releasing the information a little slower is preferred, and in theater moments make the movie experience richer.

Now I'm just going to put all my mojo into Star Wars: the Force Awakens, as I predict it being the better film. I'll go see Batman v Superman, but my expectations have been lowered so much now, because there's not going to be much new to expect.


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