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Okay if there's a day that could prove fan base nation are so delusional I would say it was on 2nd and 3rd of December 2015 post the trailer #2 release of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, because there's a ton of misguided and poorly informed thoughts and comments flying around on the internet.

So let me address six such illogical claims made by people/fanboys/haters on the trailer #2 of Batman vs Superman, so let me game of rebuttals begin!

1) Doomsday Looks Ugly And He Doesn't Resemble The Doomsday From Comics!

Oh so you were expecting a supermodel in the form of Doomsday? he's meant to be an ugly beast right from the get go and secondly let me clarify that Doomsday has a unique ability - To evolve and develop himself based on the kind of threats he faces, so every time you damage him he'll develop and adapt towards that specific kind of attack/weakness making him more and more dangerous/powerful and unkillable.

So when you look at this Doomsday design you can see he has small bone protrusions all over the body that's a subtle hint which says he'll grow bigger and badder and will eventually resemble the Doomsday design that we all know from the comics over the course of that big Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman vs Doomsday fight!

2) They Revealed/Spoiled The Entire Movie!

I mean why would a studio in their right mind would do that, but here's the thing alright, tell me what exactly did they spoil with this trailer? Is it Doomsday being the threat in this move? or is it the fact that Superman and Batman are fighting against a common threat putting aside their differences?

NEWS FLASH, this movie is named [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) for a reason and many are missing the subtitle part of the movie which says DAWN OF JUSTICE. Right from the moment when this title got announced all those years ago, everyone were sure that Batman and Superman will put aside their differences and will fight against a common threat.

Secondly the official plot synopsis also cemented the fact that there will be a rising global threat which will be tackled by these heroes.

Thirdly Doomsday rumors were flying around for two whole years so anyone who was following this movie in any capacity would have come across that rumor at least once in that two years time period and would have considered it as a plausibility. (God that rumor was so consistent and kept coming back all the time)

So if you truly believe that they spoiled the movie with this trailer, the king of suspense and thriller screenwriting, Chris Terrio (writer of this film) disagrees with you!

3) He's Not The Lex Luthor From The Comics/Animated Series!

So there are people who are claiming that Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal is no where close to the real Lex Luthor and that Eisenberg's version looks so artificial, because in their own words Luthor is supposed to be a cold calculating and a manipulative genius who is good at hiding his intentions and tracks.

Well guess what that's exactly the Lex Luthor we are getting from Jesse Eisenberg. You guys gotta remember that Luthor's exterior persona which he's showing off in the trailers (socially awkward, goofy, very approachable, do-gooder) is just a metaphysical mask to hide his true self and intentions from the world, his true self being a frightened but evil genius.

FUN FACT: This dual persona thingy was alluded by both Zack Snyder and Jesse Eisenberg in interviews.

Either way he'll transform from this long haired Luthor to this bald guy Luthor to strongly represent his change or willingness to show his true image to the world, so there's that as well.

4) Batman Is Using Guns, He's Not Supposed To!

Do yourself a favor and pick a Batman comic will you?, just because it looks like a gun doesn't mean it's a gun that shoots bullets alright, moreover in The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel (inspiration for this movie) Batman uses a sonic cannon against Superman.

Batman has used guns that emits ultra sonic sounds, energy beams, taser kinda stuff and a lot more which are non lethal in application and are created purely to immobilize or damage his opponents but not necessarily kill.

5) Wonder Woman Is Shoehorned In This Movie!

Wonder Woman is an extended cameo/supporting character (albeit a more important one) in this film, much like how Black Widow was in Iron Man 2, she serves an actual purpose in this film which we don't know yet.

But Zack Snyder did confirm that, Wonder Woman is looking for the exact same thing which Batman and Superman are looking for in this movie, their paths intersect with each other, we don't exactly know what this shared path is, but it does sound cohesive and purposeful and definitely not shoehorned, but hey when Gal Gadot is rocking the Wonder Woman persona, haters will need a new reason to complain right?

Okay so this is by far the most laughable and illogical one.............

6) DC Movie Is Suddenly Funny? They Are Supposed To Be Dark and Gritty, They Are Copying Marvel !

First they were like "DC movies are so dark, gritty and depressing there's needs to be some levity in their movies" and when there's a mild quip/humor in their trailer these fanbois are like "DC is copying Marvel, DC is not supposed to be funny!"

These contradictory fanboys, I mean can we even win against these guys? either way let's face it, the humor/levity showcased in this trailer was situational and subtle and not over the top or constant like Marvel movies so there's a great difference in tone anyhow, no ones copying anyone.

Either way a bit of levity is definitely not a bad thing right?

Wrapping Up

So guys these were the six illogical claims made by fanboys/haters and they are willing to go to the extreme ends to catch all sorts of weak straws to complain and hate on this movie, because hating/dissing is so fun right?

Either way did you come across any other illogical claim that I missed out? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh I almost forgot. [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027) is totally spoiled for me they've already revealed the villain four years (actually 6 years) in advance, OMG NOOOOOOOOO. (said no fanboy ever)


Did you enjoy the trailer #2 of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice?


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