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Not being an easy task Peter Jackson found his way into adapting this very much admired book trilogy, changing certain elements from the source material to make a better movie trilogy.

Here are 15 things from the Lord Of The Rings movies that never happened in the books:

15. The Warg skirmish and "Death of Aragorn"

In 'The Two Towers,' while Aragorn and company are leading Rohan refugees to Helm's Deep. A fight happens, Aragorn goes over a cliff, everyone thinks he's dead and Legolas does one of many insanely fancy tricks. Even though no such attack ever happened it was a clever way for King Theoden to find out how big the Uruk-hai host marching towards him truly is.

14. Aragorn gives swords/daggers to the Hobbits

In "The Fellowship of the Ring" before Aragorn goes of scouting he gives the hobbits weapons. Although in the book, after being trapped in a barrow- wight den it is Tom Bombadil who provided the hobbits with the blades.

13. Lurtz

Uruk-hai leader responsible for Boromir's death was not in the books, and neither the fight scene he has with Aragorn afterwards. Also, that fight scene between Aragorn and Lurtz was real since he was blinded by his makeup and couldn't pull punches.

12. Most of Arwen

When Peter Jackson noticed woman roles weren't so present in the book he decided to expand the role Arwen played in The Lord of the Rings Franchise. She barely had any dialogue in the book and she didn't even appear in "The Two Towers". Apart from meeting Aragorn and the Hobbits on their way to Rivendell, Arwen transports Frodo while he's sick during a high-speed Nazgul chase.

11. The Lothlorien Elves in the Battle of Helms Deep

In the books being the only elve present Legolas the refugees weren't as lucky as in the film. To Peter it must've been unrealistic that the Rohan refugees could withstand a battle against the Uruk-hai, so he brought back Haldir and a host of elven archers.

10. Frodo and Sam in Osgiliath

One of the big changes on Faramir's way to the big screen was his desire to please Denethor wich almost ruined the whole quest. Faramir took Sam, Frodo and Gollum prisioner with the plan of turning the one ring over to his father. Although in the book Faramir was wise and pure enough to resist the lure of the ring, he sent the ringbearer on his way unhindered. They never set foot in Osgiliath or were attacked by the Nazgul.

9. The Afterlife Despcription

Tolkien had complex religion in regards to elves and non-elves in his incredible mass of lore. However, this didn't make it into 'The Lord of the Rings' series. When Gandalf comforts Pippin when he's scared by telling him what awaits him after death, it's canon, just not from the books.

8. Saruman Dies

In the extended version of 'The Return of the King,' we watch how Wormtongue stabs Saruman in the back which causes him to fall from the top of his tower. This is a similar death to the one he has in the book except this one occurs much earlier in the storyline.

7. Bilbo's surprise disappearing

Bilbo's famous birthday speech and his shocking disappearance were in the book although with Gandalf and Frodo knowing about this. Gandalf actually helped bilbo with the stunt by setting off some sparks and smoke when he slipped the ring on. But in the films Peter decided to keep Gandalf and Frodo out making them surprised as everyone else.

6. When Elrond presents Anduril with Aragorn

In the books, Aragorn had the sword with him the whole time. He carried the shards of Narsil with him until Rivendell, and then he carried the reforged Anduril. This scene is a combination of two scenes in the novel: Aragorn being presented with the reforged sword Anduril in 'The Fellowship of the Ring' and Aragorn receiving a banner made by Arwen from her brothers at this time frame.

5. Galadriels gift to Sam

In the books Galadriels gift to sam was so appropiate for the gardening-loving hobbit. Galadriel gave sam earth from her own garden and a special tree seed. While in the movie he's given plot-important rope. In the books Sam gets the rope from the little boat they leave Lothlorien in. Just a regular elf rope available to all in the boats. Talk about being ripped of

4. The Death of Sauron's Mouth

In the books, after his terms are rejected by Gandalf, Aragorn and company, he flees back to the Black Gate, setting Sauron's armies on them. Meanwhile in the extended versions he has his head cut off by Aragorn, prompting Gimli's brilliant line, "I guess that concludes negotiations." In the non-extended version he doesn't appear at all.

3. Hobbit-Eating Trees

There were hobbit-eating trees in the novels, but they showed up much earlier, and tried to eat all four hobbits. The carnivorous tree was part of Tom Bombadil's story line, and when they scrapped the yellow-booted god-allegory, they tweaked this part to make it part of Merry and Pippin's adventures with Treebeard.

2. Frodo and Gollum's fight for the ring

When Gollum finally gets the ring back from Frodo by biting off his finger, in the books, he's so overcome with joy, he mistakenly steps back and falls into the fires of Mount Doom. In the films, they wrestle, and they both go over the edge and Sam saves Frodo.

1. Aragorn not wanting to be a King

In the books, Aragorn is ready and roaring to lead the realms of men against Sauron, victory or not. By making him resistant to his destiny, Aragorn is provided with a complex character arc.


Which of these would you have liked to happen in the novels as it happened in the film?


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