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The wonderful world of Japanese anime and manga can be very daunting and confusing to first get into. Which is why it's handy to know how and where to start! One Piece and Fairy Tail are two shonen anime/manga franchises that are immensely popular both in Japan and internationally. So what should you know when starting these two mangas?

One Piece: Pirate Adventures!

This manga is an epic quest to become the pirate king, and it has almost 80 volumes!

Straw Hat pirate crew!
Straw Hat pirate crew!

The story follows the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, as he joins the Straw Hat pirate gang. Although it's primarily a pirate tale, One Piece has a supernatural element. Luffy himself has a kind of superpower - his body has the stretchy and durable properties of rubber, which happened after he ate a Devil Fruit. The title, One Piece, refers to the ultimate pirate treasure that the crew are seeking, which imbues upon the bearer the title of pirate king!

The best way to get into this franchise is really just to read the manga, as the anime adaptation garnered a lot of criticism.

The manga, on the other hand has been universally well received by critics. In fact, One Piece has broken records as the biggest selling manga in history, with 320 million copies published across the world! It's definitely worth checking out.

Fairy Tail: Wizards & Dragons Galore!

Fairy Tail is somewhat similar to One Piece in that it also hinges on a quest, but this time the characters are searching for a dragon rather than a talisman. The story takes place mainly in the wizard's guild Fairy Tail, as protagonist Lucy Heartfilia hones her magical skills and prepares for job opportunities. But the Fairy Tail guild is one of the most notorious for its destructive tendencies, and Lucy, along with her new friends Natsu, Ezra, and Grey, run into plenty of problems as they run missions for the guild.

The Fairy Tail team
The Fairy Tail team

There are only 52 manga volumes, but a good way to get into Fairy Tail is actually to watch the anime, which was far better received than the One Piece anime. Fairy Tale has run for 7 Seasons so far, gaining popularity across the world, and is currently ongoing. The show has been praised for everything from animation to soundtrack, and it's a great way to get started on this franchise!

Overall, Fairy Tale is fun, exciting, with engaging characters and an intriguing plot. And with a large fan following, you'll never have to go looking for people to talk about it with!

So check out these franchises! And if you do watch or read them, be sure to post your reactions and reviews on Moviepilot.

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