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This was something I wrote for my APLANG class like three years ago and as my first post, sort of an introduction to how I write.


Should I write more analysis essay's on Batman? Or any Superhero?

There are many unique characterizations that carry on throughout the entire Batman franchise. Believe it or not, each character individually symbolizes a part of humanity in all of us. The Batman Universe alone is full of hundreds of different villains and heroes alike that bring together a story full of woe and heroism. As most other superhero franchises, specific characters develop throughout the plot for a very important reason that ties into the entire theme of the story that is being told. Batman however, does not only develop the characters with psychological and criminal personas, but the entire work as a whole represents what we see in everyday life. Whether we believe it or not, Batman is in all of us.

First, we should look into the many philosophies that fit within Batman’s universe altogether. Existentialism, Utilitarianism, and Transcendentalism tie into the universe quite well, much like our world. Batman can adapt to pretty much anyone. Batman in the beginning helped himself and in turn helped others, he didn’t allow the environment to control him, nor the fixed mindsets that roam everyday societies. He followed specific principles, built himself up from a blank slate as any average Utilitarianist does and most importantly he volunteers for Gotham selflessly, something that people should do everyday. He symbolizes the good and bad in society. He transcends the limits of man by doing things that no cop or high authority would. He isn’t just a hero, he is a vigilante. He doesn’t follow all the rules because that is the only way he can evolve, the only way Gotham can be saved. That is what makes him so similar to us and our ways of life, there are plenty of citizens who break the rules for not only their benefit, but the benefit of those around us. Sometimes it is necessary. We all have some form of good and bad in us, it's those certain levels that give us our personality.

The villains are probably the most important part of Batman. They create plenty of dilemmas that Batman has to resolve on his own, being an individual of survival and heroic deeds. The villains however also have their own philosophies that make up who they are and how they somehow resemble to their audience. The Joker, he is that part of us that makes us cruel and greedy, that makes us wrong for no reason at all. Not one person in this world doesn’t sin and the Joker represents all of that sin and destruction we find in society put together. He may or may not have gone through an utterly horrific childhood and that is what makes him so interesting, no one knows why he does what he does and that is why he is Batman’s greatest opposite. While Batman has stability and principles, Joker has discombobulation and an immoral idea of what society should be. He sees this in everyone, he sees the carelessness and drugged world that he constantly displays through his trademark title and heinous actions.

Two-Face, another popular villain is both bad and good, so quickly did he go insane. Anyone could snap at their most vulnerable moments, he is exactly the symbol of that in our society. He is both bad and good as said before, every is bad and good. Even Catwoman can fit into our ideal society, she breaks from the rules as does every villain in Gotham, but she does it differently. Unlike Batman she knows what it's like to be at the bottom of the food chain from the beginning, Batman or Bruce Wayne had to learn what it was like. She could very well represent the spirit in all of us. She is the free kindred type of being that like a cat has no restraints, chooses her masters, and adapts to her own ways of life. And another character that must be brought into the picture, although not a villain, is Alfred Pennyworth. He selflessly cares for the well-being of Bruce despite suffering the pain of seeing Bruce’s plausible sanity deteriorate. He shows sympathy and goodness and sort of the balanced normalcy that we rarely see in the Gotham Franchise, but we believe we see everyday. He gives Batman that sane factor because although we may not realize it Batman is pretty insane.

These characters develop the overall theme or plot of the Batman storyline. Without them you wouldn’t have that interest in Batman like you may have now. Superman is practically the same. If you look into the storylines, the characters, the morals, of every single superhero’s story. You will find that a lot of them resemble to the many things that the world goes through. Self Actualization, Respect, Love, and Safety are extremely important within these story lines and they all make up a universe of good and evil things that the world has as well. Not that superheroes are real, but if society followed the ideals that most of these heroes have and the philosophies that either intentionally or unintentionally based off of. Perhaps society would be a better place, but as said before, this is all in the comic book world that we have grown to cherish and love. In the end it is up to you whether you follow the correct mindset or not, you the individual make your own decisions. You. The individual make up your own society. So in one sentence, Batman symbolizes all of us, the good side and the bad side. Like Batman we decide which one will make us who we are.


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