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DeviantArt's "go-to expert on everything Pokémon" has drafted a comprehensive and laudable piece about the timeless nature of the adventure games. Kay, also known by her username damphyr, proposes that there's no clear demographic for Pokémon anymore, and how the games themselves have ensured their place in popular culture with constant growth.

Pokémon, like its monsters, continues to evolve, and in so doing, has deftly managed to keep the interest of veteran players and attracted a whole new generation of gamers.

As a longtime Pokémon player, I wholeheartedly agree with Kay, and I think there's nowhere that shows the varied love for those lil' (and not so little) monsters than in the fan-made creations they inspire Here's some of the extensive fan art that proves that Pokemon has an wide (hopefully everlasting) appeal.

Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby introduced the Cosplay Pikachu

Ever aware of their fandom, the minds behind Pokémon introduced a feature to allow Pikachu to wear different costumes!

Some fans prefer to build their teams based entirely on cuteness

And it's certainly not hard to see why.

Others pursue pure power

For those who didn't want to waste any time at Pokémon Contests and head full tilt boogie right to the Elite Four, this is the most common strategy.

Some only cling to the first generation

Sticking to the original 150 all the way.

But most of us like to grow with the franchise

The more Pokémon, the merrier, right?

You can play for the story

With each new game, it seems that villains/overarching conflict become increasingly existential and intense.

Or you can play for the action

But no matter what attracts you to Pokémon, it's something that always keeps us coming back for more.

Read the full article on the endurance of Pokémon here!

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