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As we all saw in the first episode of our favourite tv-series Arrow, someone very close to Oliver is going to die!

Oliver crying above the grave...
Oliver crying above the grave...

Rumors are all over the internet about who this person might be. A lot of people think that this person is Felicity. I thought the same until i came with this theory.


Oliver has a son!!!!

Sandra and William
Sandra and William

After the two awesome crossover episodes of Flash and Arrow, we learn that Oliver is a father.

After Oliver left Sandra pregnant, his mom Moira told her to tell Oliver that she lost the child. After doing what she was told she left for Central City. In yesterdays episode we learn that his son is alive and lives with his mother in Central City. So here are the reasons why i think that the person who is going to die is Oliver's son.

First of all we see that Oliver is devastated after the death. So who's death can "destroy" you more than your own's child? Especially after they just met! Secondly as i said before Sandra and William live in Central City where Zoom, the killer of this person, has already been there.

Doctor Zoom
Doctor Zoom

I don't know why Zoom would like to kill Oliver's son. Maybe he has something bad in his evil mind. Or he just wants to hurt Flashe's friend.

Thirdly, i know that killing a kid is a horrible thing but i just think that the person who's gonna die wonn't be Felicity or anybody else.

Of course, that's my personal opinion. If you wanna know the truth keep up with the new episodes of Arrow and Flash.

The Flash airs on Tuesdays and Arrow on Wednesdays on CW.


Who you think is the person in the grave?

Comment your own opinion and theories!!!


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